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Streamline Fulfillment with 3PL Integrations for NetSuite

Quickly integrate third-party logistics (3PL) with NetSuite using Celigo integrator.io, a modern iPaaS integration platform. Whether you need to integrate one or dozens of 3PLs, use the intuitive and powerful platform to seamlessly integrate 3PLs into your business.

Accelerate 3PL Integrations

Use integrator.io integration tools to rapidly build 3PL integrations, such as EDI templates (e.g., 940, 945), API connectors, mapping tool, field editor, and more.

Control 3PL Integrations

Easily add 3PLs, update integrations, manage account users, and monitor and troubleshoot integration flows, with integrator.io management tools

Invest in Single Platform

Optimize 3PL integrations to meet your specific requirements by leveraging Celigo’s expertise in NetSuite, e-commerce, and cloud integrations

Trust the NetSuite Experts

Celigo is backed by a team of experts in NetSuite, e-commerce, and integrations. In addition to productizing this expertise into integrator.io and other products, customers can leverage the experience of Implementation and Support teams who have worked extensively with customers to optimize their integrations based on their specific requirements.

Developer Tools Included

In addition to point and click integrations tools for non-technical users, developers tools are available to make it easy for technical users to easily add custom code using JavaScript, SuiteScript hooks, and external code.

The Modern iPaaS Platform - Fast, Scalable, Flexible

Celigo integrator.io is the modern iPaaS platform that offers an intuitive and powerful integration platform with support for REST/JSON, HTTP, XML, SQL, EDI, FTP, and on-premise agents.

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