Customer Success Story Automating Dastmalchi’s Global Expansion

“We wouldn’t be able to grow. We wouldn’t be at the scale that we’re at now and we wouldn’t be able to continue our growth. We’re hitting $35M this year our goal for next year is $40M and we wouldn’t be able to hit that scalability without this level of automation.”

Susann Cellier
Systems Integration Specialist and NetSuite Administrator




Consumer Goods


Newport Beach, California

Products Used

Celigo Amazon to NetSuite Integration App, Celigo Shopify to NetSuite Integration App


Since 2010, Dastmalchi has been committed to creating everyday products worthy of your daily routine. They own and operate a collection of lifestyle, beauty, and wellness brands. They take a unique approach to each brand and every product by exploring new ideas, pricing models, and distribution channels, making sure they are fulfilling a real need or helping shift the status quo.


E-commerce orders from seven active US-based Shopify stores account for approximately 75-80% of Dastmalchi’s business volume. The remaining order volume comes from other marketplaces such as,, and Amazon.

Dastmalchi is growing fast. They are expanding their global presence with plans to open Shopify stores in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. They also plan to expand their Amazon presence and extend to physical stores with their first product recently hitting Target store shelves.

The team at Dastmalchi are eCommerce pros. “They know the things to do and deals to put in place and how to do all the prep so things run like clock work on big sales days,” says Susann Cellier, Director Fulfillment & Logistics at Dastmalchi. Part of being pros meant the Dastmalchi team understood very early on the importance of having the right technology in place to ensure nimble and efficient operations, even as they massively scaled. Understanding that, Dastmalchi invested early in NetSuite and focused on automating their eCommerce business processes.

The Challenge

As the only tech-savvy person on the Dastmalchi team, Susann needed a solution that she could manage and maintain without having to hire an outside consultant or build an integration team internally. “It’s just me managing the integrations,” says Susann. “They hired me specifically to handle all the systems integrations and all the NetSuite systems administration.”

She needed a solution that could easily scale as Dastmalchi grew their business globally. “For just one of our stores, Vanity Plant, we get probably 100-200 orders an hour. To try to manage that manually there is just no way.” She also needed a solution that was easy to maintain and change as new products were added. Lastly, she needed an integration platform that would help her ensure everything was running smoothly without her having to watch it every minute of every day

“It’s good. It’s really good. Most definitely working with and the newer flows are super super easy. Like the Amazon one is so easy to maintain and same with the Shopify one. I love having the field mappings right there. If there is some that needs to be updated field that needs to be updated its just right there. Its one click. It’s very simple.”

Susann Cellier

Systems Integration Specialist and NetSuite Administrator, Dastmalchi

The Solution

Prior to Susann joining Dastmalchi, they had already implemented Netsuite and Celigo with the Amazon and Shopify Integration Apps to automate order processing. But Susann is expanding the existing integrations to support the Dastmalchi growth plans. That includes automating additional business processes. For direct to customer fulfillment, they use Ingram Micro and needed to connect NetSuite to Shipwire. To accomplish this, they further leveraged their investment to build custom flows between Netsuite and Shipwire to send and receive fulfillment information.


By using Celigo, Susann is able to manage everything about the Dastmalchi integration needs without needing any help from an external IT consultant. When asked if she thought they could manage the order volume without automation, Susann said, “It would be painful without the automation.” She continues, “We wouldn’t be able to grow. We wouldn’t be at the scale that we’re at now and we wouldn’t be able to continue our growth. We’re hitting $35M this year our goal for next year is $40M and we wouldn’t be able to hit that scalability without this level of automation.” Even being relatively new to Celigo, Susann is confident that as Dastmalchi expands their global presence, wholesale business, and marketplaces, using makes that expansion painless. She says, “I’m actually very impressed. Celigo is an awesome company. I tell everybody about it.” More importantly, with the eCommerce business process automation in place and running smoothly, the Dastmalchi team can focus on growing the business and expanding the products available to their global customer base.

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