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Eliminate manual A/P file transfers between NetSuite and banks

Vendor Payment Manager makes Accounts Payable processes more efficient by automating FTP transfers of vendor payment files from NetSuite to banks, and corresponding acknowledgements and summary files from banks to NetSuite. By automating these types of file transfers, companies can reduce operating costs, strengthen vendor relationships, and improve compliance with internal controls. Companies can also easily scale without adding more staff as the number of payments or vendors grow. Since Vendor Payment Manager is an out-of-the-box application, companies gain fast time-to-value.

Payment File Transfers

Automatically transfer A/P files from NetSuite to one or more banks using host-to-host connections (FTP/SFTP)

Bank File Transfers

Automatically transfer acknowledgements or payment summary files from banks to NetSuite

Saved Searches

Use NetSuite Saved Searches to create payment files that can be automatically sent to a bank’s FTP/SFTP server


Encrypt files using industry-standard PGP encryption (plain or signed) with support for Secure Channel File Transfer (SFTP)

File Formats

Support widely-used file formats for ACH, wire transfer, and check payments

File Management

Define how files are handled in NetSuite and bank’s FTP server upon successful transfer (delete, archive, mark as “processed”)


Schedule when file transfers are run with the ability to transfer files on-demand


Quickly install and configure Vendor Payment Manager without additional development or IT resources

Management & Monitoring

Use intuitive dashboards to quickly and easily view file transfer statuses and to resolve errors as they occur

Integration Apps

Prebuilt integrations that just work

In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a
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Integration Apps


Features Starter Standard Premium
(billed annually)
(billed annually)
On Request
Banks supported 1 Up to 3 >3
NetSuite to Bank File Transfer Flows 1 Up to 4 >4
Bank to NetSuite File Transfer Flows None Up to 4 >4
Flow Unidirectional Bidirectional Bidirectional
Saved Search as a source 1 flow 2 flows >2 flows
Archival of Files (Not applicable to Saved Search) yes yes yes


  PGP (Plain and Signature) PGP (Plain and Signature)
Decryption   PGP PGP