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Shopify - NetSuite Integration App

Prebuilt, fully managed integration app between NetSuite and Shopify.

Shopify - NetSuite Integration App

The Best, Reliable NetSuite Integration for Shopify. By Far.

Whether your Shopify storefront handles hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders, Celigo gives you the most comprehensive integration application for Shopify and NetSuite that includes advanced capabilities, such as sales tax handling, line-level; promotions, order variance reports, and more. And it is prebuilt and fully managed by Celigo.

Shopify - NetSuite Integration App Settings

Advanced Capabilities

Multi-Channel Order Sync

Synchronize orders from all channels, including Shopify POS, social, and phone orders, between Shopify and NetSuite to make sure orders are not missed or delayed.

Sales Tax Handling

Either use NetSuite or Shopify to calculate sales taxes. If Shopify is used, import tax as a single or multiple line item in NetSuite to accommodate multiple tax jurisdictions.

Fraud Prevention

Make Order Risk Metrics from Shopify automatically available with the Sales Orders information in NetSuite,to help Finance identify potential fraud.

Payment Capture

Configure payments to be captured in Shopify at time of sale, in NetSuite after fulfillment, and/or in Shopify after fulfillment in NetSuite.

Inventory Support

Update inventory levels from either single or multiple warehouse locations with support for all NetSuite Item types (Inventory, Assembly, Kits - matrix and non-matrix).

Promotions and Gift Cards

Match Shopify discount codes with NetSuite coupon codes including individual line item discounts. Shopify gift cards that are redeemed can be tracked as a line item in the NetSuite Sales Order.

Customers, Orders, Fulfillment

  • Customers
  • Multi-Channel Order Management (web, social, POS, phone)
  • Fulfillment & Shipping (full, partial)
  • Shopify Order Risk Metrics

Payment and Billing

  • Auto-Billing (Shopify POS – Cash Sales, Invoice)
  • Sales Tax Overwrite
  • Customer Deposits
  • Refunds (Cash, Credit Memo)
  • Order Cancellations

Inventory Management

  • Stock Level (single or multiple locations)
  • Simple, Matrix, Kit Items
  • Auto-Restock (Refunds, Cancellations)
  • Sync vs SKU, Internal ID, or Any Parameter
  • Configurable Update Schedules

Product Catalog

  • Virtual Variations
  • Simple, Matrix, Kit Items
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Images (up to 250)
  • Bulk Product Uploads

Self-Service Capabilities

  • Installation Wizard
  • Test Mode Option
  • Data Field Mapping
  • Flow Configuration Settings
  • Flow Scheduling

Integration Management

  • Integration Monitoring and Alerts
  • User Management by Roles
  • Audit Logs
  • Error Reports and Retry
  • Offline Handling

Tools for Visibility and Control. Powerful, Intuitive.

Use powerful management tools to take control of your Shopify and NetSuite integration. Update, monitor, and troubleshoot your integration using the intuitive dashboard that also allows you to set up access rights and notifications for team members.

Shopify - NetSuite Integration App Dashboard

Fast, Easy Installation and Setup

Use the intuitive interface to easily install and configure your Shopify and NetSuite integration without technical resources, including the visual data mapping tool and and advanced configuration options that make it a breeze to set up.

Shopify - NetSuite Integration App Dashboard

The Modern iPaaS Platform - Fast, Scalable, Flexible

Celigo is the modern iPaaS platform that offers an intuitive and powerful integration platform with support for REST/JSON, HTTP, XML, SQL, EDI, FTP, and on-premise agents.

Christopher Veck

“Basically, in order to succeed, you need an automated way to get information from one application to another, quickly. And, as long as one of the applications can supply information, Celigo can get that information to where it needs to be. And, they make it painless.”

Christopher Veck - CIO, Miansai


/ month, billed annually
Automate order capture, fulfillment, and inventory updates between Shopify and NetSuite
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory

/ month, billing annually
Standard Edition + automatic product updates and multiple payment capture option

  • Customer
  • Order
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Product
  • Payment Capture

/ month, billed annually
Comprehensive integration to automate e-commerce operations for Shopify and NetSuite

  • Customer
  • Order
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Product
  • Payment Capture
  • Refund
  • Cancellation

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