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Customers rely on Celigo to integrate eBay with NetSuite

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Streamline back-office operations by integrating eBay and NetSuite

Integrate eBay to your NetSuite ERP for timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time order statuses – helping you build your seller ranking on eBay. With Celigo’s eBay – NetSuite Integration App, you receive our expertise in NetSuite, eBay, and cloud integrations. You can quickly and easily integrate order, product, and customer information between eBay and NetSuite without requiring additional development or IT support.

Order management

View and manage all of your eBay orders from NetSuite with our near real-time order sync flow

Shipping & fulfillment

Notify your eBay customers with shipping and tracking details as soon as you fulfill the orders in NetSuite

Payment options

Support for popular payment methods provided by eBay with PayPal being the default option

Unified stock levels

Never undersell or oversell—keep your eBay stock levels always up-to-date with our near real-time inventory sync flow

Products & variations

Create and manage your eBay listings including variations, pricing, categories, and other information from within NetSuite

Advanced capabilities

Support for order and customer de-duplication, item best offers, order variance reporting, global shipping methods, and multiple payment methods

Ease of Use & Deployment

Quickly install and configure the Integration App without involving IT resources

Integration Dashboard

Use an intuitive dashboard to easily monitor, manage and update your integration

Error Alerts

Receive email notifications whenever integration connections go offline or data flows are interrupted

Integration Apps

Prebuilt integrations that just work

In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a
best-of-breed app strategy.We call it the “100 Cloud-App Enterprise.” Some call it an integration nightmare.

Celigo Integration Apps are prebuilt integrations between popular cloud-based apps that are both highly configurable and customizable.

Integration Apps


Features Starter Standard
(billed annually)
(billed annually)
Import Customers from eBay to NetSuite yes yes
Import Sales Orders from eBay to NetSuite yes yes
Export Fulfillments from NetSuite to eBay yes yes
Export Inventory Levels from NetSuite to eBay yes yes
Export Price Levels from NetSuite to eBay yes yes
Export Items from NetSuite to eBay   yes
*Connect multiple eBay accounts to NetSuite. yes yes
*Add-on feature with additional subscription fee.

Loved by our customers

  • Celigo is a complete and well thought-out product. The other vendor’s product felt like it was slapped together, and I could never get it to work the way I wanted to.

    Jay Thill, Director of E-commerce,
    Cargo Equipment Corp

    The Celigo technical implementation team did a great job of getting us up and running with the ebay Connector.

    Home and Holiday Shops
  • We have implemented a number of Celigo’s products into our business with great success, and the Ebay Connector was no different. The solution allows us to efficiently integrate our Ebay business with Netsuite, making the flow of orders and product data seamless. The more streamlined process creates a better experience for our customers and is less of a burden on our staff. I highly recommend that any e-commerce business operating on the Netsuite platform should take a serious look at Celigo’s suite of connectors.

    Eric Wildey, Vice President,
    Game Room Guys

  Celigo eBay Connector for NetSuite


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    eBay – NetSuite Integration App

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