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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Integration App

Prebuilt, fully managed integration between Amazon Fulfillment (MCF/FBA) and NetSuite

Amazon MCF - NetSuite Integration App

Celigo leverages a decade of experience helping thousands of customers with integrations to bring the best Amazon MCF - NetSuite connector.

Comprehensive flows out-of-the-box

Comprehensive flows out-of-the-box

Sync orders, fulfillments, inventory levels across systems enabling operational efficiency

Intuitive setup without coding

Intuitive setup without coding

Intuitive design that guides you through the process of setting up the integrations, without worrying about APIs or code

Self-service with low maintenance

Self-service with low maintenance

Built for both IT & end-users, take control of your integrations with the Celigo standalone application

Customizable and expandable

Customizable and expandable

Data integration flows can be customized and expanded with Celigo’s iPaaS, without requiring technical resources

Flexible, Reliable Amazon Fulfillment & NetSuite Integration

Quickly integrate Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF/FBA) with NetSuite to make sure your orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately. Celigo’s integration application provides the flexibility and reliability to accommodate your current and future integration needs between NetSuite, Amazon, and other parts of your business.

Amazon MCF - NetSuite Integration App Dashboard


The Celigo Amazon Fulfillment Integration App offers prebuilt integration flows and capabilities for synchronizing and updating the following data between Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment and NetSuite:

Order and Fulfillment

Automatically create new orders in Amazon whenever incoming NetSuite Sales Orders are available. Update NetSuite Shipment records based on shipping information, including full and partial fulfillment, from Amazon. Cancelled orders from NetSuite to Amazon are also supported.

Setup and Management

Quickly install and configure the Integration App using an intuitive integration wizard and drop-down menus that require no coding. With advanced configuration settings and an intuitive data mapping tool, easily configure and make updates based on your requirements.

End-to-End Integration

Integrate storefronts, marketplaces, POS, WMS, and other systems using Celigo’s, a powerful and intuitive iPaaS integration platform. Use existing Integration Apps and the integration platform to make sure your e-commerce business is connected.

Tools for Visibility and Control. Powerful, Intuitive.

Use powerful management tools to take control of your Amazon and NetSuite integration. Update, monitor, and troubleshoot your integration using the intuitive dashboard that also allows you to set up access rights and notifications for team members.

Amazon MCF - NetSuite Integration App Dashboard

Fast, Easy Installation and Setup

Use the intuitive interface to easily install and configure your Amazon and NetSuite integration without technical resources, including the visual data mapping tool and and advanced configuration options that make it a breeze to set up

Amazon MCF - NetSuite Integration App Install

The Modern iPaaS Platform—Fast, Scalable, Flexible

Celigo is the modern iPaaS platform that offers an intuitive and powerful integration platform with support for REST/JSON, HTTP, XML, SQL, EDI, FTP, and on-premise agents.

Amazon MCF
Integration App

Powered by Celigo
Starter Edition
Automate order and fulfillment statuses between Amazon MCF and NetSuite
Pre-Built Flows:  
Sync Orders from NetSuite to Amazon  
Sync Order Cancellations from NetSuite to Amazon  
Sync Fulfillments from Amazon to NetSuite  
Endpoint Apps
Requires Celigo Platform purchase
Amazon MCF and NetSuite
a SaaS application that is being integrated
Connect additional Amazon MCF accounts to NetSuite   Inquire

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