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Pricefx is the pioneer of cloud-based pricing software including price management, price optimization, and CPQ solutions. Pricefx’s solutions are highly configurable to suit any industry and pricing strategy and can be implemented quickly with no upfront investment or risks.

Integrate Pricefx with your ERP to enhance its capabilities with Customer and Product Master data. Other critical data that you can integrate are transaction information (invoice line level), relevant information about products (Bill-of-Materials, costs, inventory levels, competitors’ prices etc) and customers (segments, locations etc). Other relevant information like currency exchange rates and other market conditions can also be fed into Pricefx via integration. Integration can also be used to keep users in sync with a centralized user rights management system.

Pricefx informs other systems in the customers’ landscape of approved Pricelists, Prices of individual products, Quotes, Rebate Agreements, Rebate Payments, Promotions and others. Integrate Pricefx for resilient up-to-date information without errors or human intervention.

Common Integrations with Pricefx

  • Sync Customers from ERP to Pricefx
  • Sync Products from ERP to Pricefx
  • Sync Product Extensions such as inventory levels from ERP to Pricefx
  • Sync approved Pricelist from Pricefx to ERP

Featured pre-built integrations for Pricefx

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Pre-built Integrations

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User-friendly Dashboard

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Javascript Hooks

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