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Connect OrangeHRM to Anything2021-06-10T20:38:51+00:00

OrangeHRM is the world’s most popular open source HRIS. OrangeHRM provides a world-class HRIS experience and offers everything your HR department needs to unlock the true potential of your team. Thousands of businesses around the world benefit from OrangeHRM as their HR Management software. Whether it’s tracking PTO or holding performance reviews, OrangeHRM provides all of the tools to manage HR more effectively. OrangeHRM features are separated into four areas of HR as People Management, Culture, Talent Management, and Compensation. With each section, we have many products that help any HR team whether it’s a team of one or a team of 200. OrangeHRM serves any company size and unique business case. With the options of customization and integrations, you can make OrangeHRM work the way you need it to.