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  • lezbizz integration connector

lexbizz is a cloud ERP solution based in Germany. Celigo has extensive experience in ERP integrations like lexbizz. Celigo’s integration platform automates critical business processes and sharing data across front and back-office applications, enabling your organization to efficiently scale operations. iPaaS makes cloud integrations accessible to anyone – whether the user is an application admin, business analyst, or IT developer.

Common Integrations with lexbizz

  • Sync lexbizz customers and contacts to your CRM
  • Sync Orders and Sales Orders between lexbizz and your CRM and eCommerce store
  • Sync lexbizz Items and Item Groups into Products in your CRM and eCommerce store
  • Sync Settlement Reports and Summary between your eCommerce store and lexbizz
  • Sync Price, Fulfillment, and Inventory from lexbizz to your eCommerce store
  • Automatically sync Employees, Customers, Departments between lexbizz and your expense software
  • Export invoices into lexbizz Vendor Bills
  • Sync Leads, Contacts and Companies from your marketing automation platform to lexbizz

lexbizz is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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