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ChannelApe works with the fastest growing ecommerce brands so they can focus on marketing, creating new products, and acquiring new customers. ChannelApe provides professional, scalable warehousing solutions, unprecedented ability to control your entire product journey and expert fulfillment specialists to worry about your fulfillment, so you don’t have to. You worry about product and marketing. They’ll worry about the rest.

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Common Integrations with ChannelApe

  • Sales Orders export to 3PL
  • Order acknowledgement from 3PL
  • Shipment Confirmation from 3PL
  • Order Cancellations
  • Inventory adjustments from 3PL
  • Inventory snapshots from 3PL
  • Item catalog export to 3PL
  • SKU profile from 3PL
  • PO export to 3PL
  • PO receipt to 3PL
  • Inbound shipments to 3PL
  • Shipments receipt to 3PL
  • TO export to 3PL
  • TO receipt from 3PL
  • Return authorization to 3PL (RMA)
  • Return receipt from 3PL

ChannelApe is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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