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ADP offers payroll services, human resources software, and tax and compliance services for businesses of all sizes. Popular ADP integrations include ERP, recruiting, expenses and finance applications. Celigo offers premium integration templates for ADP that allow a user to quickly get started; offering pre-built flows for Greenhouse, Okta, ServiceNow and NetSuite.

Integrating ADP with your ERP allows for a water tight synchronization between payroll and employee data. For example, with NetSuite as the connecting application, you can create journal entries based on imported ADP payroll data, and sync employee data in NetSuite and ADP. By integrating ADP with recruiting applications, you can sync new hires into ADP employee databases in real-time. It also allows seamless transfer of active and inactive user profiles and other key data between recruiting applications and ADP.

Celigo is a specialist in integrating ADP with many business applications to streamline HR and payroll processes.

Common Integrations with ADP

ERP – Sync payroll and employee data between ADP and your ERP. Learn more about Celigo’s NetSuite integrations for ADP.
Recruiting – Update payment transactions and statuses automatically with ADP (e.g., PayPal, Shopify POS, Stripe)
Expenses – Enable third-party fulfillment providers to use shipping rates from ADP (e.g., Amazon FBA, Expeditors, Snapfulfill)

Featured pre-built integrations for ADP

What are Integration Apps and Quickstart Templates?

Integration Apps are prebuilt, fully managed integration applications for popular business applications. With fast and easy setup, Integration Apps are supported and maintained as standalone SaaS applications with automatic and continuous upgrades.

Integration Templates are packages of integration flows for that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted. Unlike Integration Apps, integration templates are not supported nor maintained as standalone SaaS applications.

ADP is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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