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AI trends in IT and operations report

Celigo recently conducted a survey of over 1,200 global IT and operations leaders across industries, from manufacturing to education, on the topic of AI. Discover how your peers are leveraging AI within their organization with these five trends:

AI is revolutionizing operations

72% of respondents are currently leveraging AI in their IT department.

Businesses are making the investment

Survey respondents said they were planning to spend 25-50% more on AI in 2025.

Employee concerns hinder adoption

Common concerns were security (56%), a lack of understanding of AI’s organizational benefits (47%), fear of being replaced (46%), and the prioritization of other IT tasks (33%).

IT needs support from citizen integrators

53% of respondents said they allow business users to implement AI solutions themselves.

An integration strategy is key

Respondents encountered various hurdles, such as connecting data across applications (52%), security (51%), overall implementation (45%), maximizing usage (36%), and governance (21%).