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Customer Success Story

Onebridge Automates Processes With Celigo iPaaS

“Of all of the iPaaS solutions I looked at, Celigo has the most user-friendly UI. I really like the integration wizard that takes you from one step to the next.”

Larecha Wynn
Systems Administrator




Information Technology & Services


Indianapolis, IN

Products Used



Onebridge, formerly known as SmartIT Staffing, is a technology IT staffing and consulting firm. In both 2013 and 2014, SmartIT made the Cincinnati Business Courier’s list of the regions fastest-growing private companies. In 2017, SmartIT rebranded itself as Onebridge to embrace its expansion to include IT consulting as well as staffing.


As a result of the 2017 rebrand and their expansion into consulting, Onebridge expected to grow quickly, and they realized they needed to employ a new set of business systems throughout the organization to support that growth.

They first implemented a new enterprise resources planning (ERP) and professional services automation (PSA) applications. When they chose the systems, they expected the applications would seamlessly share information with their marketing, human resources management (HRM), and applicant tracking system (ATS). Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Fairly quickly, the Onebridge team was spending time manually exporting and importing data between the various applications. And, while this was not difficult, it was time spent on low-value. The ad-hoc data transfers made it difficult to get real-time insights into data across applications.

The Challenge

Onebridge brought in a new systems administrator, Larecha Wynn. Larecha found that custom-built APIs and point-to-point integrations were being used to connect the various applications with their ERP, NetSuite. These makeshift integrations led to sub-par data sharing. For example, the HRM system could only share limited data with NetSuite and there was no connection between NetSuite and their applicant tracking system.

Larecha was responsible to get all of the applications to a position where they can share information seamlessly, across the board. However, the Onebridge HR team is unsure if they are going to continue using their current HRM and ATS applications. Since Onebridge is still going through their re-branding process, Larecha decided to start with the integration that would add immediate value: integrating NetSuite with their marketing platform, HubSpot.

“I needed an integration platform that played well in the cloud. Celigo was the one solution that met all my requirements.”

Larecha Wynn

Systems Administrator

The Solution

Larecha immediately started looking at several integration solutions. However, after narrowing her search to platforms that focused mainly on HubSpot, she realized that what she needed was a solution that would allow Onebridge to manage integrations throughout the organization. She needed an integration platform that would not only connect NetSuite and HubSpot but one that would provide an integration solution for other applications that Onebridge planned to add in the future.

When considering her integration choices, Larecha was looking for:

  • A clean, modern, easy-to-use user interface
  • A solution that can be handed o to non-technical department heads who can manage the integrations with minimal training and IT support
  • A vendor that has a deep understanding of, and experience with, ERP cloud integrations

“We’ll ad adding new cloud-based applications soon, so I needed an integration platform that played well in the cloud and offered more than just point-to-point integrations,” said Larecha. “Celigo was the one solution that met all my requirements.”


Larecha was looking toward the future when she chose Celigo as the integration platform for Onebridge. Celigo not only provides Onebridge with the ability to seamlessly integrate the cloud-based applications they use now, but it will also allow Larecha to easily integrate additional cloud-based applications as departments require them in the future.

With Celigo, Larecha found an integration platform with an intuitive, user-friendly UI so that she can easily hand o management of the integration to non-technical departments who will monitor and manage their own integrations, with little or no input from her.

“Of all of the iPaaS solutions I looked at, Celigo has the most user-friendly UI. I really like the integration wizard that takes you from one step to the next,” said Larecha. “Once the integration is set up, I’m confident I’ll be able to hand it o to department SMEs who’ll monitor and manage it themselves.”

Today, Larecha is finalizing her first integration, between NetSuite and HubSpot. “I was able to set up the new integration between NetSuite and Hubspot within a day,” said Larecha. “And, creating the flows between the applications was super easy.”

Now that Larecha is familiar with Celigo and can rely on technical support from ERP integrations experts if she has questions, Larecha is looking forward to meeting the objective of automating key business processes by having all major business applications to share data seamlessly with NetSuite.

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