Customer Success Story

How Extreme Reach Revolutionizes Automation With AdBridge and Celigo

“ has been great. We used to manually process our checks. With Celigo, we automate this process. It’s big-time savings for everyone involved from the CFO down to the AP manager.”

Matthew Becker

Assistant Controller,

Extreme Reach


Marketing & Advertising


Needham, MA

Products Used


Extreme Reach revolutionized the way advertisers control the deployment of their creative and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns. The company’s creative asset workflow platform, AdBridge, is built upon a decade of innovation and integrates all the paths and processes required by today’s complex media landscape. The company proudly serves the best and biggest brands, agencies, production companies, media destinations, performers and rights owners.


With over 200,000 registered users and nearly four million creative assets in its care, Extreme Reach connects the creative flow between the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem. In 2015, Extreme Reach implemented NetSuite as their ERP as they were implementing Celigo for Lockbox integrations.

Matthew Becker, Assistant Controller at Extreme Reach shares, “Setting up NetSuite and Lockbox was a huge upgrade because automating the majority of our inbound payments from the bank on a daily basis is crucial.”

Becker continues, “We have five lockboxes: a couple Canadian and then a couple of different legal entities on the US side. We have a very high payment volume with a lot of transactions and customer payments on a daily basis.”

In addition to having Lockbox integrations, Extreme Reach uses to integrate with their internal system called AdBridge, where they automate billing between both platforms.

The challenge

In 2014, Extreme Reach tripled in size due to an acquisition of a larger company. Over the next couple of years, they outgrew their previous ERP provider. Becker explains the issues they experienced with their previous ERP provider, “We ended up with a lot of cash application problems, issues with collections, and a huge transaction volume that wasn’t as visible as it needed to be. Due to this, we determined our first initiative was to switch ERPs”

After moving forward with an ERP migration – the team was facing a challenge of manually processing checks. Becker shares,“We were processing checks the old fashion way, just printing checks, putting them in front of our CFO and having someone sign every single check. This was a time consuming and manual process.” With having a high volume of invoices and payments, manual processes had to be replaced with automated strategies.

The solution

Extreme Reach now uses and AdBridge as a client billing system. Customers can place their orders and Extreme Reach delivers media content. Extreme Reach’s ad agencies will upload their content, place their order, and the bill will then get generated. The process continues with using NetSuite’s saved search feature. Matthew built custom integrations using Celigo to extract data from the saved searches and securely transfers it to an FTP site.

The new process not only serves the customers and agencies well, but it also automates the process internally for the team.

Bottom line

When deciding on which integration platform to use, Matthew chose Celigo for the reason of being able to work seamlessly with AdBridge. Extreme Reach is also “very time sensitive around cash application” Becker shares. Celigo’s Lockbox has also helped reduce penalties for late payments. Without having the integration, Becker says, “We would need a lot more people to manage the payments. There’s definitive savings from not having to hire a staff.”

Matthew Becker and the IT team are very happy with the custom integrations Matthew was able to build using the Celigo platform. Becker adds, “ has been great. It’s helped having a centralized dashboard for all of our integrations.”

Once we started with Celigo, I could tell your development team really knows what they’re doing.

Matthew Becker,


Assistant Controller,


Extreme Reach