Customer Success Story

E Source Increases Invoicing Speed by 300% with Real-Time Data Sync

“Celigo is the easiest system I have to manage. We now have a Integration App that is reliable and flexible, and doesn’t limit us in the information we pass between NetSuite and Salesforce.”

Alicia Stanworth

Associate Director of Accounting,

E Source




Boulder, CO


E Source, founded in 1986, is a privately held research and consulting firm focused exclusively on utilities and their customers. E Source helps electric and gas utilities with critical problems involving energy efficiency, program design, customer experience, marketing and communications, and distributed energy strategy.


Over the past few years, E Source has seen sales volume increase by double digits year over year. As a result, the company quickly outgrew its existing accounting software. It was unable to scale with the company’s growth and was experiencing frequent system breakdowns, requiring hours of troubleshooting by the technical support team. In addition, key data – such as quotes, orders, and customer, and product information – had to be manually synced between the accounting and Salesforce systems.
Associate Director of Accounting, Alicia Stanworth helped with the search for a new accounting system. After researching a variety of options, E Source selected NetSuite as the best system for its growing business. However, that move alone didn’t solve all of the company’s accounting problems.

The challenge

Before making the move to NetSuite, Alicia needed to find a reliable integration between NetSuite and Salesforce. One that would eliminate the manual work required and speed up orders and customer billings without having to make any changes to the existing sales process.

To meet her specific business needs, Alicia wanted an integration solution that could provide:

  • Automatic real-time data synchronization to replace manual or batch updates
  • The ability to map custom data fields between NetSuite and Salesforce
  • Flexibility to control the data that is imported into NetSuite from Salesforce
  • Reliable integration with the ability to handle large volumes of data without system breakdowns
  • A responsive and reliable support team for troubleshooting
  • After some additional research, Alicia and the E Source team selected the Celigo Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App as its integration solution.

The solution

When The Celigo Integration App solved E Source’s integration problems by providing real-time data synchronization of key Salesforce objects, including Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Products with NetSuite objects such as Sales Orders, Companies, Contacts, and Items. This led to faster order processing and customer billing, which is of particular value when processing the rush orders that previously required time-consuming manual work.

The prebuilt integration between Salesforce and NetSuite also accommodates several other E Source needs. Because Alicia only wanted customers with valid sales orders to be available in NetSuite, the Integration App was configured to only import Customer and Order data into NetSuite when the Opportunity status became “Closed Won.” The Integration App also makes it easy to map or add custom fields in NetSuite or Salesforce.

E Source chose to use Celigo’s Customer Success team to implement the Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App. The implementation went smoothly, and there has been no interference from the other applications that were already integrated with Salesforce. Alicia remarked, “It was one of the smoothest transitions to a NetSuite implementation that I have ever seen.”

Bottom line

Celigo has helped Loot Crate automate the transfer of order, shipping and tracking information between their online storefronts, ERP, and warehouse management systems by using the Celigo’s prebuilt Integration App and the platform. The integration not only saves the Loot Crate staff from having to work extra hours – even during the holiday rush – but the data is more timely and accurate because the integration automates data transfers and ensures data formatting is consistent between the systems.

“Celigo is awesome!” said Adam. “It has allowed us to create a straight closed-loop process between Shopify, NetSuite, and Snapfulfil for all of our online orders. No more delays because of manual data entry or throughput limitations.”

All the integrations were done directly by Loot Crate’s Business Applications team. “That’s one of the cool things about your solution, it’s super user-intuitive. You don’t have to be super technically-savvy to understand it. We can do the entire integration using just the UI which saves a lot of time for us,” said Adam.

Loot Crate is already planning more integrations using Celigo in the coming year. “Celigo offers lots of advanced capabilities, with an easy-to-use interface,” said Adam, “that’s something that the other iPaaS solutions are missing. It’s a game-changer.”

Celigo is the easiest system I have to manage. And it’s nice knowing that we have a Integration App that’s reliable and flexible, and doesn’t limit us in the information we can pass between NetSuite and Salesforce.

Alicia Stanworth,


Associate Director of Accounting,


E Source