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Business Process Automations with embedded business logic.

Automate business processes that span across 
multiple applications using a single product.

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Celigo is the only iPaaS to automate business processes
across multiple cloud applications using a single prebuilt integration.

Celigo’s new Business Process Automations apply unique embedded business logic to automate and 

optimize processes based on industry best practices — without the need for scarce technical resources.

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Automate business processes using

embedded business logic.

Enable business teams with self-service while ensuring best practices and compliance
Built-in industry best practices

Benefit from learnings from thousands of customer implementations and domain expertise from Celigo and our partners by using prebuilt flows, settings, and configurations to automate virtually every common use case.

No-code customizations

Modify business logic through configuration settings instead of writing or editing code.

No technical skills, no problem

Designed for line-of-business users to implement and manage without relying on technical resources.

Fastest time to business value.

More than just a starting point

Automate your common business processes up to 100% out of the box.

No more waiting for scarce and expensive IT resources

Turns anyone into a business process automation expert through a no-code line-of-business user experience.

Self-service if you want it, expert help if you need it

Get up and running in weeks, not months, using flexible implementation models that best fit your requirements, from self-service to Celigo-managed.

A modern Cloud Native iPaaS with infinite scalability

Future-proof extensibility.

Lowest total cost of ownership in the business that increases in value as you scale up
Platform difference

All business process automations are built on the Celigo iPaaS so you can rest easy knowing that as your business changes and grows, we change and grow with you.

We take care of API management headaches

Celigo proactively updates APIs so you never have to worry about downtime.

Business value increases over time

No business stands still, so as new applications are added and new business processes need automating, you have a platform in place to meet any future need.

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Featured Business Process Automations.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Business Process Automation for ADP

Automated employee provisioning and deprovisioning from ADP data across applications for improved employee onboarding, scalable HR operations, and reduced risk.

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Data Warehouse Business Process Automation for Snowflake

Accurate, up-to-date, and complete data from any desired data source can be quickly extracted and loaded to Snowflake without requiring expensive and scarce IT resources.

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Payout-to-Reconciliation Business Process Automation for NetSuite

Automate the reconciliation processes between payment gateways and NetSuite to speed up month-end close and avoid lost revenue.

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Automate every use case

across thousands of applications and departments.

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Celigo named G2 Best Software for 2021

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G2 Leader in iPaaS

Trusted by the world’s most transformative enterprises.

Dave Witty
Jason Ross



“Celigo is one of the best products I have ever worked with. Our business model relies on integrations. Getting up and running with a platform that’s got prebuilt automations is much nicer than all of the other platforms I’ve used. Our support, finance, sales, and operations teams are all looking at the same data — through their own lenses. If your company ran on Celigo, you’d be really happy.”

Jotham Ty
Malcolm James

Senior Technology and Business Solutions Manager


“Celigo helped us determine not only what to connect, how to connect, and when to connect it, but also what our business required. Our volume of transactions increased fivefold since pre-COVID. It would have been near impossible to manage that kind of volume before Celigo.”

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