Published Dec 13, 2018

Integration Templates for New Partners


Our developers have been busy building and releasing new integration templates for Celigo’s iPaaS platform. Integration templates are pre-packaged integration flows to jump start your custom integrations between popular applications.

Here’s a highlight of three of these new integration templates:

Snapfulfil-Netsuite Integration Template

Through the Snapfulfil-NetSuite integration, Snapfulfil customers have access to pre-packaged integration flows that synchronizes sales orders, purchase orders, customers, items, inventory adjustments, and other key data.

Returnly-Netsuite Integration Template

With Celigo’s pre-built flows for Returnly-Netsuite, customer RMA records from Returnly are automatically created in NetSuite in addition to synchronizing refund and receipt information between the two applications.

OANDA-Salesforce Template

OANDA has partnered with Celigo to make OANDA FX data available across multiple applications. The first template allows FX rates to be automatically updated in Salesforce based on rates from OANDA.

Installing Templates

Follow these instructions to access and install templates:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to Integration Marketplace
  3. Click on the application tile to see the available templates
  4. Click Install on the template that you wish to use
  5. View the “Read Me” file to learn about any required settings that are needed before installation
  6. Click on the Install Integration button
  7. Follow the Installation Wizard to configure your application connections

In addition to these three templates, we are continuously adding integration templates for other applications. Bookmark and follow the Integration Marketplace for updates. You can freely download any templates and change them as needed.