Published May 22, 2018

Fast, Easy FTP Integrations with Celigo



One of the most common integration use cases we see for Celigo’s integration platform is also the simplest: creating integration flows between cloud applications, such as NetSuite, and an FTP server. This is common because many B2B applications and integrations rely on getting files from FTP sites. Even though it’s not overly sophisticated, FTP file imports and exports are common because they work.

In this video, Matt Graney, Celigo’s VP of Product Management, shows how to create integration flows between NetSuite and an FTP server using

The video walks through the following integration flows:

  • Exporting NetSuite data to a FTP host
    A NetSuite Saved Search is used to write a file on a FTP server. Matt shows how provides tools — such as drop-down menus showing your NetSuite records and Saved Searches — to make this process simple and intuitive. The data can be imported using any of these file types: CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML, EDI, and Fixed Width. After mapping the data, Matt selects the schedule for the integration flow.
  • Updating Records in NetSuite based on a FTP file
    Matt creates an integration flow that will take an Excel file with customer records from a FTP server and either update existing records with new information, such as phone number, or create new customer records in NetSuite. Similar to the prior use case, he shows tools that make it easy to create integration flows, including the handy NetSuite Assistant. The NetSuite Assistant loads the actual NetSuite form that can be used to quickly map the Excel file fields with the correct NetSuite fields.