Published Feb 25, 2022

Celigo Protects Customers From ‘Ripple Effects’ of Unscheduled SaaS Outages


Unscheduled outages of SaaS applications are inevitable. Even the best-architected applications will experience some level of downtime. When SaaS services provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99% uptime, that means the system will still be down 87.65 hours per year or nearly 11 workdays. The initial impact on businesses is obvious as users lose access to the capabilities of the affected SaaS application, resulting in lost productivity. Depending on the nature of the application, transactions and/or data may also be lost.

The ‘Ripple Effect’ of SaaS Outages

Businesses run on processes that require data flow across SaaS applications. When there is unplanned downtime, especially in a “hub” like an ERP or CRM system, the outage will have an impact on systems dependent on data from the affected application. The severity of the “ripple effect” and the time and resources required to restore integrations will vary greatly depending on the methods used. In almost all cases, administrators have to manually retry all data flows when the API is back up.

How Celigo Protects Against the Ripple Effect

Celigo provides customers with AI-enabled error management functionality that eliminates the ripple effect of SaaS downtime. During a recent SaaS outage, the Celigo platform protected our customers by:

  • Automatically pausing flows when the API outage occurred.
  • Automatically testing the connections to bring them online as soon as APIs were healthy.
  • Automatically resuming flows when the connection was back online.
  • Automatically retrying errors that our AI classified as “intermittent” for up to a full day.

The screenshot above from the Celigo Error Management dashboard shows how our AI classified an API outage as an intermittent error and initiated our Auto-Resolve functionality, eliminating the need for user action.

The Celigo Platform

Industry-leading error management is just one of Celigo’s many differentiators.  The Celigo platform is a complete integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows business users and developers alike to automate both common and custom business processes, moving the management of them into the teams that own that process. This enables business teams to innovate faster and become more agile while providing IT with the capabilities they need to ensure unified best practices, data security, and scalability to meet the needs of the business today and in the future.

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