Published Oct 27, 2015

Celigo Launches Shopify Connector for NetSuite



Do you sell online using the Shopify ecommerce platform and use NetSuite to manage your back-office operations and logistics? If yes, you would be delighted to know what we have come up with.

Today, we’re super excited to introduce the all-new, pre-built Shopify Connector for NetSuite Integration App product, that integrates the powerful ecommerce platform, powering 175,000+ online stores with the proven cloud business software suite of NetSuite used by 24,000+ organizations worldwide. The Shopify Connector for NetSuite allow retailers to seamlessly sync their orders, fulfillments and inventory between Shopify and NetSuite. This eliminates the overhead of manually re-keying of orders into NetSuite by your data entry team, buyers get immediately notified in Shopify once the fulfillment is completed in NetSuite and you never have to worry about overselling/underselling your warehouse inventory on your multiple sales channels, be it Online Store/Point of Sale. The connector also puts full control in your hand by providing self-install and self-configurable wizards, allowing you to connect your Shopify-NetSuite accounts in days, not weeks. The connector is certified by NetSuite team with Built for NetSuite certification. Let’s learn about some of the essentials:

Pre-built Functionality

The Shopify Connector for NetSuite features following pre-built functionality at this point:

  • Sync customers from Shopify into NetSuite in real-time
  • Sync orders from Shopify into NetSuite in real-time
  • Sync fulfillments from NetSuite into Shopify in real-time
  • Sync inventory levels from NetSuite into Shopify in near real-time

Never Miss A Single Order

Once an order is placed in your Shopify store, the order information is automatically sent over to our middleware platform in real-time and it remains there till the order is successfully created inside of NetSuite. If for some reason, say NetSuite is down for maintenance or SKUs are mismatched between NetSuite & Shopify and the order did not come through to NetSuite, you can retry a failed order(s) with a single click of a button. Not just that, you can also modify Shopify order data to push orders that contained invalid data like invalid phone numbers, email addresses etc.

Install It Yourself

The Shopify Connector for NetSuite packages an intuitive Self-Installation wizard that guides users through a step-by-step installation process, ensuring an error-free, fail-safe installation in less than 15 minutes.

Manage It Yourself

Why hire additional IT staff to manage your integration if you could do it on your own? Settings page allow retailers to easily fine-tune data flow settings per their business needs, enable/disable data flows with a single click, control how often the data flows should run and much more.

Customize It Yourself

Shopify Connector for NetSuite is pre-configured to include the mappings for the most relevant fields between NetSuite and Shopify but what if you need to customize it further? Connector features a cutting-edge, far more superior mapping interface that allow you to easily map additional fields. You can choose the NetSuite and Shopify fields from a simple dropdown and map as many fields as you would like. Complex business rules like hard coding some of the fields, performing lookup operations can also be setup right inside of the mapping interface.