Case Study: A “Custom” Web Store for The Grove Consultants International

By Celigo
December 15, 2009


The Grove’s existing NetSuite web store was built only via the out-of-box capabilities available in NetSuite. This existing web store did not provide customers with the kind of interaction The Grove wanted to provide, and the web store was not able to support certain revenue streams and the company’s continued growth. The customer experience was not clean and easy, the web store did not provide the image The Grove desired, and the web store didn’t meet all of The Grove’s needs.

Additionally, The Grove needed a new vendor that had the necessary NetSuite expertise to design the right solution, execute on the design with accuracy and confidence, and deliver as promised. The Grove knew they wanted a web store that was technologically advanced and they needed a reliable, experienced partner to help them get there.


Celigo provided a cutting-edge web store for The Grove that “pushed the limits” of NetSuite ecommerce. Using a combination of suitelets, scripts, custom records, and custom web pages, Celigo was able to build an advanced web store that met The Grove’s high design aesthetic while still utilizing standard NetSuite functionality as the shell within which the web store was built and delivered.

The Grove’s unique product families and groupings – and the customer experience they wanted to provide – presented a unique challenge during the design of the web store. Celigo devised a way to bypass the standard NetSuite product catalog and templates in order to meet the following requirements:

  • present related products in an easy-to-select method on one page
  • enable customers to add multiple items to the cart on one page
  • bring together different groupings of products together on one page and purchase without leaving that page

The following examples highlight how Celigo implemented unique, cutting-edge components into The Grove’s web store.

  • Script-Enabled Custom Item Detail Pages: In order to accommodate The Grove’s requirements to streamline and clean the user experience when purchasing and checking out, Celigo created a custom page to present the item details. Using a custom record and SuiteScripts, Celigo created an item detail page that allows a customer to add multiple items to the cart on one page. The item detail page allows a customer to select item variations from a drop-down list and then click an “Add Another Item” button as many times as necessary – without ever having to leave this page, go back, and select the next item to purchase.
  • Suitelet that Dynamically Filters Product Categories & Items: On the web store home page, the page body is a custom suitelet that dynamically presents the products when a user clicks on a product category (i.e. Top Tools). This enables The Grove to quickly and easily assign items to these categories and for the web store to automatically present the correct items to the users as they click through the store.

These features, along with the standard NetSuite shopping cart and checkout process, allowed Celigo to deliver a sophisticated yet streamlined shopping experience to The Grove’s customers – and a web store that took the best of standard NetSuite functionality, paired it with the best of NetSuite’s customization capabilities, and met the functional and budget requirements for The Grove.

The Bottom Line

As Bobby Pardini, The Grove’s Director of the Design Solutions Group, said, “This web store project with Celigo was as seamless a development process as I could imagine one to be. The Celigo team totally executed. When necessary, they gave us options and always figured out a solution.”

Celigo provided The Grove with a professional ecommerce solution that:

  • increased revenue by supporting a new digital download revenue stream
  • opens possibilities for The Grove to create new revenue streams
  • provides a sophisticated yet streamlined customer experience
  • can grow with the business

Their customers love the ease with which they can find products and information on the new web store and are thrilled with new features such as digital downloads. This new web store has positively impacted revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and maintains the same high-quality image that The Grove has built.

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