Published Aug 17, 2022

Automate Salesforce and SAP Business ByDesign Quote-to-Cash Processes



While many companies use Salesforce CRM to manage sales and customer relationships, not all of the quote-to-cash processes live inside Salesforce.

Sales data needs to be shared across multiple departments that work with various applications and systems. For example, accounts and closed-won opportunities from Salesforce need to be shared with SAP Business ByDesign, so sales ops, accounting, and other teams can complete their processes in ByDesign.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common issues that arise during the quote-to-cash process and how automation can solve them.

Quote-to-Cash Challenges

As part of sharing data across teams, growing companies often heavily rely on spreadsheets and manual processes when automation is not in place. These sorts of tactics create inefficiencies and increase the likelihood of errors.

As a result, common issues that can occur during the quote-to-cash process include:

  • Duplicate accounts get created and cause friction
  • Delays in entering orders into ByDesign slow down order processing, shipping, licensing, and other processes associated with the sales order
  • Negative customer experiences from delays may jeopardize growth
  • Inaccurate data increases lag times in revenue recognition
  • Lack of real-time visibility into reporting makes it difficult to forecast sales and finances, which can impact strategic business decisions
  • Sales reps spend too much time on manual tasks instead of focusing on their core duties that drive revenue
  • Finance and accounting teams perform too many repetitive tasks instead of their more meaningful core functions

In addition, in response to the pandemic and market changes, many SaaS companies have been looking for efficiencies to increase cash flow and margins. In a 2021 Gartner survey, 71% of CIOs were looking to increase IT hiring to address business workflow automation.

Celigo Salesforce Integration for SAP Business ByDesign

The Celigo Salesforce Integration for SAP Business ByDesign is an integration that creates automations for streamlining the quote-to-cash process and minimizing all of the challenges listed above. The solution contains built-in workflows that can be configured and deployed without IT support or coding.

Setting up a Salesforce and ByDesign integration leverages the advantages of each application while efficiently transferring data via automated workflows. Key benefits of this solution include:

An overall reduction in manual labor

  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Improved bookings accuracy
  • Faster revenue recognition

After the solution’s installation, custom fields, records, and reports are automatically created in ByDesign to support automation best practices right from the start. Workflows are automatically created and include mappings with these key features:

  • When you add or update account information, data is automatically synced between Salesforce and ByDesign
  • Duplicate account creation is avoided with the use of workflow logic
  • Newly closed-won opportunities in Salesforce immediately create new sales orders in ByDesign
  • Any closed-won opportunity updates in Salesforce are reflected in ByDesign
  • Mappings can be changed easily and custom logic can be added to support new business requirements
  • New workflows, such as product or financial syncs, can be added by creating custom integrations using the Celigo Platform or when they become available in future product releases

To find out more about the Celigo Salesforce Integration for SAP ByDesign, visit the SAP Store.