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Free Manual Imports, Scheduled Data Flows With Upgrade

Have you ever needed a powerful but affordable way to automate your NetSuite data imports? Or a simple and robust way to export data from your NetSuite account to another system? The Celigo Integrator™ allows you to build, run and schedule imports & exports with an intuitive mapping interface for all of your integration needs between systems—now even between NetSuite and Salesforce, the leading cloud CRM business application and platform.

The Celigo Integrator is a next-generation product built into your NetSuite account, leveraging NetSuite’s cutting-edge platform technology for all of your integration needs. Now it comes with our revolutionary new Salesforce Adaptor, allowing you to build your own Salesforce DIY Custom Flows yourself or with our help. Offering scheduled integration of import and export data to and from your NetSuite account, along with free manual CSV imports with our innovative mapping process, the Celigo Integrator makes NetSuite integration easy.


Powerful Dashboard Functionality

Monitor all of your imports and exports from our easy-to-use dashboard. Dashboard tools include a stream of integration events, colorful and informative graphs, direct error resolution links and quick links to each of your integrations and flows.

Salesforce Adaptor

Our new Salesforce Adaptor to allow you to build any custom flow you can imagine between the two leading cloud business application platforms: Salesforce and NetSuite. Easily flow your Salesforce Quotes into NetSuite Projects. Sync Employee Kudos from NetSuite to Salesforce for inclusion in Chatter. The possibilities are endless…

Truly Innovative Mapping Screen

Forget the hairball diagram of abstract lines mapping source to target data. Instead, load your import file into the Integrator to get a clean sample of data in NetSuite form for easy mapping of import fields.

Easily Export Thousands of Records

Based on NetSuite’s Saved Search technology, the Celigo Integrator allows you select saved searches to automatically define the columns and rows of your CSV to FTP export. It’s never been easier to scheduling sending data—even if your files are 5MB or larger.

All Flows Can Be Scheduled

Whether you need to import data into NetSuite, export NetSuite data, or both, the Integrator lets you configure integrations at the scheduled intervals of your choice. From ‘Once a Day’ to ‘Every 15 minutes’, the Integrator provides a generous variety of scheduling intervals from which to choose.

Support For Engagement Mode
Salesforce/NetSuite * DIY or Services
CSV via FTP Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
XML/SOAP via FTP Professional Services
XML/SOAP via HTTP Professional Services
JSON via HTTP Professional Services
ODBC (various) Professional Services
SMTP (email) Professional Services

DIY vs. Maintained Data Flows

Celigo offers numerous Adaptors for your integration needs. Our Integrator Adaptors support protocols like CSV and JSON, transports like FTP or HTTP, or business applications like Salesforce. Some Adaptors allow you to implement flows on your own (DIY), other more complex Adaptors require our Professional Services team for implementation, and our Salesforce Adaptor allows you to have it your way. Any flows built by our services team require an additional maintenance fee for upkeep and troubleshooting. See below for pricing and packaging information.

Manual Imports Are Always Free

The Integrator allows you to run any manual CSV import or export for free. Automated integration connections to outside systems via additional protocols are available with a premium flow upgrade, for maximum simplicity.

Pricing & Packaging

  • Integrator Subscription

  • $3,600per year (includes first 2 Flows)
Tiered volume pricing is available as you buy additional data flows. Contact Celigo Sales for details.


  • Supported Data Flows

  • Salesforce/NetSuite *Salesforce/NetSuite *
  • CSV via FTPCSV via FTP
  • ODBC (various)ODBC (various)
  • SMTP (email)SMTP (email)
* Salesforce/NetSuite data flows require our new Salesforce Adaptor, sold only in our Salesforce DIY Edition, starting at $7,200/year
— which comes with 2 Salesforce DIY Custom Flows.

After reviewing the capabilities of the Integrator, it made a lot of sense because I could set it up myself. It didn’t require any scripting or any technical know-how besides a thorough understanding of the data you needed to pull from NetSuite and the format it had to be in.

—CHRIS TAMUCCI, Big Agnes’ Director of Operations