Announcing the launch of SmartClient for Salesforce – Office 365 Excel

Celigo is pleased to announce the launch of SmartClient for Salesforce – Office 365 Excel, a powerful solution that integrates Salesforce and Office 365 Excel. Modifying multiple records at a single time has been a challenge […]

Product Update: Amazon Connector for NetSuite — August 2015 (Version 2.5.2)

Amazon Connector for NetSuite — August 2015 (Version 2.5.2) is here. Support for Auto-billing & more!What’s new?Support for auto-billing Amazon orders (MFN & FBA) in NetSuite: Connector now ships with out of the box functionality to auto-bill […]

Announcing eBay Connector for NetSuite product listing in the eBay Solutions Directory

Celigo is pleased to inform that our popular solution, the eBay Connector for NetSuite, has passed eBay’s ‘Compatible Application Check’ and is now listed in the eBay Solutions Directory.Solutions Directory features eBay and third-party software […]

Product Update: Amazon Connector — June 2015 (Version 2.5.0)

Amazon Connector – June 2015 (Version 2.5.0) What’s new? Order Import flow now leverages Amazon’s latest Order API version allowing you to map additional fields namely EarliestShipDate, LatestShipDate, EarliestDeliveryDate & LatestDeliveryDate on Amazon Order to […]

Product Update: Magento Connector—June 2015 (Version 3.4.1)

Magento Connector – June 2015 (Version 3.4.1)  What’s new? Consistent user experience for all the NetSuite custom fields packaged within the Celigo Magento Connector Bundle. Additional Subtab titled “Magento” is now also available on “Customer” […]