Product Update: eBay Connector — Sep 2015 (Version 1.3.1)

eBay Connector for NetSuite — Sep 2015 v1.3.1 Release is here!What’s new?Order Import flow from eBay to NetSuite now supports the ability for paging, leading to increased throughput and further minimizing the possibility of missing an order. […]

Product Update: Magento Connector — Sep 2015 (Version 3.4.3)

Magento Connector for NetSuite — Sep 2015 (Version 3.4.3) is here!What’s new?Support for Magento Community Edition v1.9.2.1.Realtime Customer Import flow from Magento to NetSuite now supports updating the address lines on NetSuite customer record when there […]

Product Update: Amazon Connector for NetSuite — August 2015 (Version 2.5.2)

Amazon Connector for NetSuite — August 2015 (Version 2.5.2) is here. Support for Auto-billing & more!What’s new?Support for auto-billing Amazon orders (MFN & FBA) in NetSuite: Connector now ships with out of the box functionality to auto-bill […]