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Intro to Ecommerce Integrations: Build a Flow with Celigo Integrator.io – EMEA

During this session, we will walk through how to build an integration flow with Celigo integrator.io. This session is good for all users (business or technical) whether you are new to integrator.io or want a refresh. Our Solutions Consultant will walk through a common use case for ecommerce companies: connecting an ecommerce platform to a logistics provider. This is a great opportunity to see our new user experience in action. 

Thousands of ecommerce companies rely on Celigo’s integration platform to enable smoother, more efficient operations with fewer technical resources. With Celigo’s library of pre-built temples and connectors, you can get started quickly and expand.

Topics that we’ll discuss include:

  • An introduction to the Celigo integrator.io (new User Interface)
  • Overview of templates, application, and universal connectors
  • Live demo: building an integration flow
  • Overview of Advanced Capabilities
  • Live Q&A

About The Speaker

Adel Haider

Solutions Consultant

Adel has a software engineering background. He joined Celigo in 2019 having spent the last 10 years within the Enterprise Application Integration space, with a particular focused on Service-Oriented Architectures. Adel began his career as an integration developer in 2009, working at a large IT consulting firm, building integrations using Oracle technologies within several industry verticals. A few years later, he also began working with small businesses developing their online presence by creating web-based applications for various purposes. Today, Adel’s primary role is that of Solutions Engineer, supporting organisations in their journey to the cloud, focusing on the use of cloud platforms (PaaS) for their App Integration, App Development and API Management needs.

Kristie Conner

Director Product Marketing

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