Demand Planning: Forecasting for a Stronger Future

Demand planning and forecasting can help your organization, regardless of size, navigate uncertain times. While planning for 2022 or addressing current market shifts, it’s important to have visibility into product demand, inventory positions, supply chain disruptions and lead-time variables. Key to forecasting is having the right data in order to deliver the right inventory at the right time. In today’s digital world, companies can scale quickly with online storefronts and marketplaces, ERP and CRM cloud applications, but this can create data silos.

Join our panel of experts Audrey Walby, the Founder and CEO of SAFIO Solutions, a SaaS application for forecasting and demand planning, where she’ll be joined by two of SAFIO Solutions customers to discuss how automating demand planning and integrating applications can help companies remain agile and enable growth.

Topics that we’ll discuss:

  • Integrating channels of business with multiple applications
  • The direct and indirect cost savings  
  • Migration from Excel spreadsheets to an automated platform

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