Connect NetSuite, Salesforce, and Other Apps to Streamline Operations – Webinar LP

Connect NetSuite, Salesforce, and Other Apps to Streamline Operations – Webinar LP2019-07-17T14:45:07+00:00
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Connect NetSuite, Salesforce, and Other Cloud Apps to Streamline Operations and Grow Sales

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Fast growing companies increasingly rely on best-of-breed cloud applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more to run their businesses. With ERP financials at the heart of many companies, connecting different SaaS applications with NetSuite can make NetSuite a “Grand Central Station” hub for synchronizing data across multiple departmental systems.

Join Celigo, the NetSuite integrations leader, to see how integrating NetSuite with other cloud-based systems can help you run and grow your businesses more efficiently.

Register for this webinar and you’ll see:

  • How integrating NetSuite with other systems eliminates manual data entry and automates processes for sales lead to cash, customer support, banking, shipping and logistics, and more
  • How cloud-to-cloud application integration enables you to scale operations, grow sales, and increase customer satisfaction
  • How easy it is to deploy prebuilt cloud integrations as well as to build custom integrations for special requirements--without IT developer skills!

Celigo works with NetSuite customers in high-tech, retail, and many other industries to connect NetSuite with other applications and streamline their businesses. With prebuilt integrations for a wide variety of cloud applications, plus a cloud-based iPaaS integration platform, Celigo helps customers grow faster and run better.

Register now and join to see how NetSuite integrations can improve your business.

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