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Releases in 2023

Celigo releases new versions of its connectors, integration apps and platform. Each release contains new features, or enhancements to existing features and functionality, as well as bug fixes.

Version 2023.1.1 Jan 17

Version 2023.3.1 Mar 7

Version 2023.4.1 Apr 11

Version 2023.5.1 May 23

Version 2023.7.1 July 5

Version 2023.8.1 Aug 16

Version 2023.9.1 Sep 26

Version 2023.11.1 Nov 7

All dates are subject to change at Celigo’s discretion. Integration app updates are rolled out to customer accounts in batches over several weeks, the release date indicates the kick-off of the roll-out. Users will get notified of upcoming updates applicable to their integration apps.