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In a nutshell

Integration Apps are complete, pre-built software integrations that anyone can use to easily connect enterprise applications and automate processes, simultaneously reducing the time and cost of integration maintenance.

Integration Apps

Integration Apps are standalone SaaS applications running on an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that connect two enterprise applications. By offering complete, pre-built integrations for common use-cases (such as Lead-to-Cash and Order-to-Fulfillment), Integration Apps are turnkey integration solutions that connect applications right out of the box while also reducing their ongoing maintenance cost.

Formerly known as SmartConnectors, Integration Apps are unique to Celigo’s Integrator.io as the only Integration SaaS applications built and run on a complete iPaaS solution.

Key Features


Pre-built, complete, and ready to launch

Integration Apps come ready to deploy with every flow you need to cover all of the common use-cases between two applications.


Integrations for the entire organization

With user-friendly guides and flexible user management, anyone can use and maintain Integration Apps without requiring dedicated technical resources.


Worry-free maintenance

Because these are managed integration apps, we automatically push updates on a regular basis to remove the time and hassle from maintaining your integrations.

Popular Integration Apps

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Quickstart Templates

Quickstart Templates are packages of integration flows for integrator.io that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted as needed. Quickstart Templates leverage best practices that we developed using our decade of experience helping hundreds of customers with their enterprise application integrations. Benefit from our collective experience by quickly integrating new applications, knowing that you’ve done it right the first time and without any hassle.

Key Features

Thousands of templates

Thousands of templates

Quickstart Templates cover a wide breadth of applications and use-cases to ensure that all of your needs are accounted for.

Leverage best practices

Leverage best practices

We’ve taken our knowledge helping hundreds of customers with their enterprise application integrations to distill best practices for the most common integration flows, taking all of the guesswork out of building software integrations.

Get started quickly

Get started quickly

Quickstart Templates are designed to get you up and running with popular integration use cases, saving you the trouble of developing integrations from scratch.

Popular Quickstart Templates

Choose Your Path to Optimized Success

With the intuitive dashboard on our Integrator.io platform, taking control of your software integrations has never been easier. The dashboard features powerful integration management tools, letting you quickly update data mapping, configurations, and other integration settings in no time at all. To keep your integrations running without fuss, we put extra effort into making error handling as user-friendly as possible, even developing AI to better identify the cause of errors. Since integration management on Integrator.io is designed for both business and IT users, the dashboard includes flexible user management capabilities, so you can easily set up system access rights for any user.

No other iPaaS includes the same level of robust integration management features designed for the user as Integrator.io.

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