From busywork to brilliance: How IT can champion smarter workflows

Today’s technology leaders are tasked with spearheading innovative ventures ranging from AI to cybersecurity. To execute on these endeavors successfully, you’ll need resilient processes and an automation-first mindset. However, when IT teams get bogged down in integration tasks, it hampers your ability to drive business impact and innovation effectively.

Explore key strategies that will help you automate processes and empower business teams to build, manage, and monitor their own integrations–freeing up your team to focus on digital transformation initiatives. Discover three industry trends holding IT leaders back, and learn how you can solve them with iPaaS (Integration Platform as a service).


In this ebook, we’ll share insights on:

  • How to use automation to increase digital maturity
  • CIO perceptions of the risks and benefits of business technologists
  • How to use automation to support more effective collaboration