Building a Complete View of the Customer Through Integration

Think for a moment about all the customer success goals that you’re looking to achieve. Maybe you’re looking to expand personalized care for your customers without adding headcount, move to a proactive rather than reactive engagement strategy, or automate the tedious administrative tasks that bog down your workflows. Of course, there’s always the prime directives of reducing churn, increasing retention, and enabling upsell opportunities.

The problem facing most customer success teams is that the data they need to really understand their customers are scattered across disparate systems, and often aren’t utilized together to produce more insightful reporting. Solving this problem requires empowering customer success teams to design an integrated system specific to their role, gaining total visibility into their customers in a concept known as customer 360.

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through designing a customer success system from scratch with an iPaaS. We’ll cover what systems and data to focus on, what worked for us, and other helpful tips to ensure that your project will prove to be a success.

Topics covered in this eBook include:
  • Customer Records and Attribution
  • Assessing Customer Health with Subscription Data
  • Bringing in NPS data for real-time feedback
  • Boosting ticket resolution times
  • Product health and usage data
  • Onboarding at scale