Published Jun 10, 2024

The secret to 400% growth: A peek into MOTIS Brands’ success story

3 key takeaways
  • MOTIS Brands’ expansion across channels revealed operational inefficiencies.
  • The team leveraged Celigo’s iPaaS to help automate their processes.
  • With Celigo, they smoothly grew their customer base by 400%.

Expanding into new channels and growing demand for your products should be a good thing, but manual processes can turn this dream scenario into a nightmare.

One of the most common problems businesses face as they expand across new channels is inefficiencies–often caused by data silos and disparate systems–that were once manageable reach a breaking point. This can prevent you from capitalizing on the boosted engagement that comes with using more than one channel. 

With retailers leveraging three or more channels seeing a 251% increase in consumer engagement compared to single-channel retailers, it’s crucial your operations are prepared to scale. 

As MOTIS Brands, a leader in the loading, hauling, and accessibility industry, expanded its product offerings, operations began to break down. Discover how their strategic embrace of automation facilitated a smooth transition from a single brand to a diverse portfolio of over 15.

Learn how Jeremy Vandenberg, IT information analyst at MOTIS Brands, leveraged Celigo to help scale the business.

Reaching the breaking point

When MOTIS Brands was founded, they exclusively sold ramps on eBay. However, as the business matured and began to offer a wider range of products, the need for standardized operations became evident. 

After acquiring additional leading brands and adopting new channels such as Amazon and Walmart, MOTIS Brands’ transaction volume became overwhelming. Manual tasks were taking up hours of the small operational team’s time. 

The team relied heavily on spreadsheets and manually entering data–an error-prone and time-consuming process. They were at a crossroads. They could hire more people to manage their growing orders, or they could look for a more sustainable and scalable solution. The choice was clear to Jeremy Vandenberg, IT information analyst at MOTIS Brands, the team needed automation.

Scaling with iPaaS

The team decided to leverage Celigo’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) to  help them scale their operations. They started by integrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with their online marketplaces. This allowed them to ensure accurate inventory levels were reflected across channels. Celigo’s prebuilt connectors for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and user-friendly interface simplified the process. 

After the success of their initial integrations, the team explored further capabilities of Celigo’s iPaaS. They were able to automate their order-to-cash, marketing, and product updating processes. 

With automation, MOTIS Brands was able to successfully scale its operations and smoothly grow its customer base by 400%. This enabled sales to grow from tens of thousands to millions.

Celigo’s iPaaS helped the team ensure accuracy, real-time order statuses, and timely order fulfillment on each new transaction. With manual tasks eliminated, the team now spends their time analyzing and optimizing campaign performance.

“They give us consistency and efficiency, ensuring that wherever we are setting our data, it is the same everywhere it goes. That’s a big deal for us, especially in the omnichannel. It helps us focus on more strategic projects as opposed to trying to keep our neck above water wrangling data.”  

– Jeremy Vandenberg, IT and information analyst at MOTIS Brands

3 tips for success

Celigo enabled MOTIS Brands to build the strong foundation it needed to effectively manage its scaling business. By adopting automation across their organization, the team was able to streamline their operations and ensure better customer experiences. Vandenberg said MOTIS Brands transformation wouldn’t have been possible without Celigo.

As you look to build a scalable infrastructure at your business, consider these three takeaways from MOTIS Brands’ success:

  • Eliminate manual processes: Tedious, manual processes not only consume valuable time from employees, but also slow down your operations. This leads to delays and poor customer experiences. Automate these tasks to refocus your employees’ time on strategic initiatives and ensure smooth operations. 
  • Build consistent experiences across channels: In today’s business world, selling across multiple channels has become a necessity. But if your channels aren’t consistent and your product information isn’t updated, you risk frustrating your customers when the products they receive don’t reflect the listings. Integrate your channels to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Ensure accurate inventory: When scaling your operations, it can become difficult to manage your inventory levels across numerous channels. This leads to delays and unhappy customers. With automation, you can prevent errors and ensure all your channels are updated with real-time inventory numbers.

Ready to start scaling your business? Reach out to our integration experts today, or dive deeper into how MOTIS Brands solved its operational challenges with an iPaaS in our case study