Pancakes & PO’s, Drives a Team’s Success

By Rico Andrade
December 15, 2021

Walking into the office today, the smell of eggs, pancakes, and maple syrup hit you before anything else. Wait. It’s not Thursday, the day the company provides breakfast and lunch… No, it’s just the VP of Sales bringing not only his team together but the whole company with something as simple as breakfast.

Feeding the team straight off the grill.

Why? Because sometimes simple things can bring a team together toward success. Our VP of Sales, Christopher Welsh, is serving up “Pancakes and PO’s” for our go-to-market team this morning as they work to establish subscriptions for our integration-as-a-service this December.

Being new to Celigo (my first month), I can already tell you this is not just a team. It is a family mentality. With something as simple as food, Chris brought the whole company together, showing support and empowering everyone to rock this Friday mid-way through December. How does breakfast highlight leadership? Here is how:

Healthy Food Drives Happiness & Productivity – In this case, special protein-rich whole wheat pancakes with antioxidant-laden blueberries and eggs are driving a great workday.  As a well fed person and team means a happy and more productive team who are positively focused on the task at hand. This translates into being more motivated, focused, and ready to work together to best support our clients.

Communication & Cohesion – Everyone’s crowding around for breakfast just before our 9 am huddle. Why? Homemade breakfast! This family style impromptu meal drives cross-functional conversation and swift problem-solving.

Appreciation – Cooking and serving your colleagues a meal, proactively bringing it to the desks of those heads down on calls and screens says, “I work for you.” What are some additional examples of simple acts that drive workplace impact and ultimately customer success?

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