Published Jan 19, 2022

Introducing New HTTP Integration Series

Phil Havlik
Phil Havlik

Celigo University’s live instructor-led training seeks to enable users to succeed with the Celigo integration platform (iPaaS).  Starting January 25, the Live Training Series will add three new 30-minute sessions to introduce universal HTTP connectors. Each session will be hosted multiple times each month.

New HTTP Integration Live Training Sessions

Universal connectors extend the possibilities for connecting endpoints to nearly unlimited levels. Our three new courses explore configuring HTTP integrations and reviewing API documentation to locate required settings: HTTP Integration: Establishing Connections Course Description

The first process for any data flow is establishing connections to the endpoint to allow data transfer.

Attendees to the Establishing Connections session will learn:

  • The basics of Universal Connector choices offered in the Celigo iPaaS
  • How to establish and secure an HTTP connection to an endpoint
  • How to test and ensure a constant connection to the endpoint HTTP Integration: Exports and Imports Course Description

With an established connection, data transfer through the platform requires an export and import.

Attendees to the Exports and Imports session will learn:

  • How to properly configure a data export using an HTTP integration
  • The available pagination offered within the platform to separate large amounts of data from exports into pages, allowing more efficient processing
  • How to configure a data import using an HTTP integration HTTP Integration: Concurrency, Rate Limiting, and Non-Standard Responses

Maximizing the efficiency of data transfer requires determining the appropriate number of requests to an API and handling non-standard responses.

Attendees to the Concurrency, Rate Limiting, and Non-Standard Responses session will learn:

  • The definition of concurrency and how it can be used to maximize data transfer
  • How to locate and address rate limits set by applications
  • Configurations for non-standard API requests that may halt data transfer

Each HTTP integration session is free to all Celigo iPaaS users, but we encourage a fundamental understanding of the platform for attendees to ensure the best outcomes. Our Fundamentals Overview and Flow Builder sessions can help new users understand the basics.

To sign up for this session, please register through the event links on the Celigo University Live Training calendar.

Additional Live Instructor-Led Courses

These sessions build on our six additional live-training sessions to learn more about Celigo’s platform.

We recommend brand-new users start with these courses:

  • Fundamentals Overview
  • Fundamentals: APIs and HTTP Communications

Our Flow Builder series digs deeper into constructing flows:

  • Flow Builder: Data Resources
  • Flow Builder: Real-Time vs. Scheduled
  • Flow Builder: Advanced Mapping

The Error Management module provides guidance for troubleshooting errors occurring during data transfer.

All courses provide attendees with takeaways and resources, and best of all, they are completely free to all Celigo iPaaS users.

Please check out our Celigo University calendar to register, plus keep an eye out for more sessions coming soon!

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