Published Mar 6, 2015

Celigo Salesforce Connector for NetSuite – long-awaited, often imitated




Long-awaited, often imitated—and now, try surpassing this!

Celigo is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited Celigo Salesforce Connector for NetSuite. With this product, we mark a major leap forward in technical innovation and push the boundary on what’s possible from an out-of-the-box Integration-Platform-as-a-Service product.

Featuring a first in the SaaS world: a multi-point Installer and a high-level Configurator, the Connector is available in four distinct Editions.

  • The Classic Edition is a feature-packed turnkey integration between NetSuite and Salesforce with traditional lead-to-cash functionality but with all of the modern self-service configurability options.
  • The Premium Edition contains Enterprise-level functionality such as NetSuite OneWorld support, Multi-Currency support, Team Selling and Contracts Renewal support.
  • The Enterprise Connector provides the best of both worlds with full Enterprise functionality, which can now be extended with Custom Flows based on the Celigo Salesforce Adaptor. The Adaptor allows customers to preserve their investment in Salesforce and applications by supporting ad-hoc integration flows between apps and NetSuite.
  • Rounding out the offering is the DIY Edition, targeting customers looking to build all custom flows between Salesforce and NetSuite on their own or with Celigo Professional Services. The DIY product does the heavy lifting, making integration flows much easier and faster to build and maintain.

Packed with Celigo’s deep domain expertise and best practices, this Connector is the embodiment of several years of customer feedback, learning and growth.

Running inside the NetSuite platform on top of the Celigo Integrator product, the Connector works exclusively inside the NetSuite and Salesforce security models. There is no middleware, no non-expiring passwords to set, no third parties and no brokering or data clouds to worry about securing. Since the Connector runs inside the NetSuite account, most transactions are local to NetSuite with no Internet traversal latency. The Connector uses NetSuite’s RESTlet implementation instead of Web Services, producing an unprecedented throughput advantage when you need it.

With this product our goal was to set the bar of automation as high as technically possible in what has always been an implementation-heavy product category. With this release we have put forward a slate of capabilities such as auto-sensing packages, list of value synchronization with map, match and create, multiple configurable paths for syncs and many more.

Try surpassing that!