Published Feb 8, 2022

Celigo Launches Sales Enablement Certification for Partners

Phil Havlik
Phil Havlik

At Celigo, we pride ourselves on providing end-to-end support to our partners throughout the sales process to optimize the overall customer experience. We believe all partners should have access to the proper training materials to represent Celigo products and services effectively.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of the Celigo Partner Sales Enablement Program! This latest investment into our community will help partners develop new skills, embrace digital transformation, and explore new go-to-market opportunities within their integration solution practices.

The first course of the Partners Sales Enablement program is now available inside your Celigo University dashboard, with additional courses planned for release this year.

In this article, get to know this new program’s perks.


Level Up Your Celigo Selling Skills

Celigo University is a robust learning management system that provides free online tools, resources, on-demand training, and certification for Celigo’s products. If you’re one of our current partners, you may already be familiar with our fundamentals training for Celigo’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that integrates and manages a wide variety of business applications.

The newly released Partner Sales Enablement Foundations is an on-demand online course. Partners participating in the sale enablement program will gain a deeper understanding of Celigo’s next-generation iPaaS and the range of its capabilities.

In addition to taking the foundational course, partners can validate their Celigo sales skills and knowledge through certification. Once participants pass the first course, they earn their Level 1 certificate and become a Skilled Celigo Sales Professional.

  • Level 1 Skilled: Get to know Celigo from the ground up, including history, product, pricing, services, resources, and more.
  • More levels are coming soon!

Celigo partners are instrumental to our business. With the addition of sales enablement training and certification, our partners gain more experience and ensure they receive the total value from our products and partnership. 

How to Get Started

Ready to begin?

Current Partner

  • Start your Level 1 curriculum training by logging in or creating your account here.
  • Got an account? Great! Start the Partner Sales Enablement Course here.

Potential Partner


  • First, start by learning more about our Channel Partner Program here.
  • Ready to apply? Begin your partner application here.