Celigo launches eBay connector

By Celigo
November 7, 2013
Celigo is proud to announce our latest eTail Connector —  new eBay Connector for NetSuite. With this new eBay Connector generally available, now Celigo can help sellers sell their NetSuite items on even more merchant platforms — beyond Magento, Amazon and ChannelAdvisor.

Our new eBay connector is built on top of the Celigo Integrator — the same product that powers over a million transactions through our connectors each month.  The Celigo eBay Connector is available as a NetSuite SuiteBundle which allows us to leverage the power of NetSuite’s modern RESTlets architecture.

Our eBay Connector is a 100% native NetSuite integration that provides end-to-end automated experience unlike other connectors present in the market that leave a lot to be done by the seller themselves.

Our eBay Connector leverages SuiteScript for direct cloud-to-cloud connectivity for all of the flows. This allows us to have all the important flows perform real-time. The following flows are supported:

  • Real-time “Buy-it-Now” Order & Customer Import from eBay to NetSuite
  • Real-time Fulfillment Export from NetSuite to eBay
  • Inventory Export from NetSuite to eBay
  • Real-time Item Export from NetSuite to eBay

Let’s look into each one of these in detail:

Real-time Order & Customer Import

The Order Import flow imports order and customer data in real time from eBay into NetSuite as soon as the checkout for the order is complete in the eBay.

There is also a scheduled batch order import flow scheduled to process any orders that failed during real-time import.

Real-time Fulfillment Export

The Fulfillment Export flow exports item fulfillments from NetSuite to eBay. The flow is triggered as soon as the Item Fulfillment record is saved in NetSuite.

Inventory Export

The Inventory Export flow exports an item’s Quantity and Stock Availability from NetSuite to eBay. This flow is scheduled and runs every 15 minutes.

Real-time Item Export

The Item export flow exports an item’s field data from NetSuite to eBay.  eBay listing for an item can be created by clicking on  “Create listing on eBay” button.

The seller can verify the listing and get the eBay insertion fee in realtime before listing an item on eBay. Also, the listing can be revised in realtime right from inside of NetSuite.

Intuitive Integration Monitoring Dashboard

This super-easy to use dashboard will help quickly see the status of the sync between eBay and NetSuite, and it also allows you to configure the Flow Settings and Flow Mappings right from the Integration Dashboard UI:

The Integration Dashboard can be launched within NetSuite from Setup > Integrations > Celigo Integrator.

With the activity stream interface it is easy to monitor progress of specific workflows and their success.  The stream can be filtered either by workflows — by clicking on the specific flow on the left side, or by the duration by selecting the duration in the “Since” field. Most of the flows in eBay Connector are real-time and for the scheduled ones like Inventory Export, even though auto-scheduled to run every 15 minutes, can be run  immediately by right-clicking on it.

The Action log shows all the errors and the “Needs Attention” option allows seeing all the workflows that did not complete. The pie chart and the bar-charts on the right give a quick view into the sync status.

We are very excited about this new Celigo eBay Connector release. We are hoping this will help a lot of eBay sellers and also a lot easier for sellers on Amazon to expand to eBay with this offering now.

The Celigo eBay Connector is now Generally Available (GA) for all NetSuite customers, so Contact Celigo Sales to purchase today.

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