Published Jul 17, 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023: Celigo’s Key Insights

Ebru Saglam
Ebru Saglam

The 2023 Amazon Prime Day event (July 11-12) set an incredible milestone as the most significant sales day in Amazon’s history. According to Amazon, over the two-day shopping event, Prime members took the opportunity to purchase a staggering 375 million items worldwide.

Celigo observed massive sales order volumes during Amazon Prime Day 2023. During this event, the Celigo Platform monitored Amazon sales orders flowing on the platform across North America and Europe. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the key results.

The Celigo Platform has been widely adopted for its ability to streamline selling on third-party marketplaces like Amazon through connected applications and fully automated business processes. With Celigo, companies can easily manage product listings, manage orders, and ensure successful fulfillment.

Silos to Synergy-Flow overview
How Celigo automates selling on Marketplaces


Celigo and Amazon Prime Day Key Observations:

  • In North America, the Celigo Platform experienced a 38% increase in sales order processing on the second day of Prime Day compared to an average day.
  • Europe exhibited a more significant surge in sales orders, with a remarkable 58% increase compared to an average day, as processed on the Celigo Platform.
  • The second day of Prime Day witnessed a higher volume of processed Amazon orders compared to the first day, both in North America and Europe.
Amazon Prime Day 2023 -North America
Amazon Prime Day 2023 - EUROPE

Managing Large Volume Spikes

During peak sales seasons, Celigo empowers merchants with complete confidence. Celigo’s process-centric approach to automation enables businesses to automate any ecommerce process effectively at scale. The platform’s scalability is proven to handle large transaction volumes seamlessly, ensuring that growing sales orders never become an operational bottleneck for our valued customers.

Automate all Amazon business processes and achieve business growth while maintaining the lowest possible operational costs.

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