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Unraveling the future: Your guide to mastering integration trends in 2024

Hey there! Ready to get ahead of the curve for 2024? Join us for a lively conversation where we’ll dive deep into the latest integration trends and predictions. 

Our webinar is based on a recent report by Forrester Consulting that evaluates how companies have been evolving their integration strategies since the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s fascinating stuff, really. They’ve spotted patterns in the actions of those who were most successful and provided some insightful recommendations for organizations aiming to speed up their automation and transformation initiatives.

Here’s what we’ll be chatting about:

  • How to navigate SaaS integration challenges
  • Adoption of integration technology and organizational maturity
  • Ways to bridge Business and IT through improved collaboration

You’ll walk away with practical recommendations on:

  • Managing SaaS sprawl and overspending
  • Boosting IT-Business collaboration
  • Reducing integration project backlogs
  • Speeding up automation and transformation

Sounds interesting? We think so too! Join us as we discuss, learn, and prepare for the future together.

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