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Keynote: Top Challenges for IT in 2023 and 2024

Shari Lava
Automation within the AI and Automation Group, IDC


Today’s IT leaders are experiencing multiple challenges as they work on efforts to unlock value from their technology investments. IDC researcher, Shari Lava, will share her recent findings on these challenges and how to use a modern integration platform to address them.

Session 1: Unleashing the Power
of Your Digital Workforce

Mark Simon
VP, Strategy, Celigo


Changes in demographics and the fundamental nature of work, have resulted in an environment where almost all end-users have resulted in an environment where almost all end-users have a degree of digital fluency. These people are known as citizen integrators. They are the most digitally adept employees in your organization who will take it upon themselves to modify, customize, or configure their solutions, process automations, or analytics as part of their daily work.

This session will demonstrate how a technically adept workforce empowered with an iPaaS is an enormous, untapped resource for IT leaders to address the current talent shortage.

Session 2: Practical Digital

Dave Wallen
Director, Product Marketing, Celigo


CIOs and IT leaders must be strategic and judicious about how they approach digital transformation in today’s environment. Most companies’ digital initiatives fail when they get too big, too fast. Today’s IT leaders must set the pace for these initiatives, starting with practical modernization efforts that create the capacity to succeed later in more ambitious efforts. The session will discuss why digital transformation often fails and provide strategies to avoid these common pitfalls leveraging modern integration and AI technology.

Session 3: Expert Peer Roundtable: Drive More Value from Your Current Investments

Chris Huovinen
Director of Finance & Systems, Groove Life

Adam Dennison
VP, Midsize Enterprise Services, The Channel Company

Brent Vezzoso
VP of IT / CIO, RedBuilt

Mark Simon
VP, Strategy, Celigo

Dave Wallen
Director, Product Marketing, Celigo


Hear from industry experts and peers at Groove Life, The Channel Company and RedBuilt. They will be sharing personal stories and observations about the challenges they are facing, the strategies they employ, and their experiences leveraging the power of a modern iPaaS.

Taking the Next Step

Mark Simon
VP, Strategy, Celigo


We’ll discuss and summarize today’s key takeaways and provide recommendations and resources for you to get started, including an overview of our Automation Blueprint, a proven framework for leveraging your existing assets to accelerate automation across the enterprise that fosters innovation, aligns with strategic initiatives, and delivers business impact.

Summit Handouts

Mobilizing for Innovation

This ebook highlights the market trends and challenges that IT leaders face in driving innovation and proposes a model for transformational leaders to meet these challenges. We break down the roles and responsibilities of both business and IT leaders and teams and offer a blueprint for rapidly implementing automation across the enterprise.

Enable Business Users And Accelerate
Process Automation With iPaaS

This research report, created by Forrester Consulting for Celigo, examines the transformative capabilities of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). Forrester surveyed 408 global IT and finance professionals to gain insights into their organizations’ experiences and perspectives on iPaaS.

A CIO’s guide to managing economic uncertainty with a modern iPaas

A CIO needs to maintain growth and stay competitive during economic uncertainty. Especially when many businesses find themselves with a large quantity of applications with very different needs and use cases in a variety of departments. Learn how a modern iPaaS can accelerate business process automations to maximize sharing of data across applications, teams and departments, drive increased efficiency and a greater business agility, reduce operational costs and demonstrate the value of their SaaS investments.

Voice of the Customer for Integration Platform as a Service

– Gartner

Integration platform as a service facilitates faster time to value by providing capabilities to deploy integrations across a variety of applications, services and data sources. Software engineering leaders can learn from ratings and reviews by their peers shared on Gartner Peer Insights.