NetSuite & SAP Ariba Network: How to Automate B2B Buying & Selling with Integration

While NetSuite has been the popular choice for ERP among businesses, SAP Ariba Network has been a key solution for managing procurement, spend and supply chain services between buyers and sellers. Especially during times of uncertainty and disruption in the supply chain, it has become more important than ever to connect with new suppliers, finding alternative sources and ways for easy, secure contracting. However, when these two systems are not connected, finance and operations teams spend a lot of time manually updating records such as purchase orders, shipment notices, invoices, payments, etc. and lose real-time visibility into order status and cash flows.

Integration helps scale operations by automating key supplier and buyer processes and provides teams total visibility into their supply chain from NetSuite ERP. Join us in this upcoming webinar, as Amigo Mobility International shares their integration story and experts from SAP Ariba and Celigo discuss how buyers and sellers can benefit from integrating NetSuite with SAP Ariba.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • Typical challenges for buyers and suppliers
  • How integration helps automate the collaboration between buyers and suppliers
  • Amigo Mobility’s Journey for optimizing their operations
  • And more!

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