Celigo has a unique approach to your integration needs around Salesforce. It starts with the Celigo integrator.io—a modern integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)—for you to implement any integration with Salesforce.

But, we don’t stop there. We also provide you with a growing suite of prebuilt integrations, called SmartConnectors, that are ready to be installed.

NetSuite – Salesforce Connector

SmartConnector that connects the leading cloud-based
CRM and ERP apps together

OpenAir – Salesforce Connector

Connect your services and sales organizations

integrator.ioIntegrate Salesforce with anything

Integrate anything

Unrivaled intelligence for integrating Salesforce with RESTful APIs, flat files, and other sources.

Data loader

A data loader for all of your cloud-based apps but optimized for Salesforce.

Excel users, rejoice!

You can now access Salesforce from Office 365

One-click downloads

Download Salesforce data
in seconds

Add or update

Easily “upsert” data into Salesforce, one record at a time or en masse

Reusable templates

Save your data entry tables
for reuse


Define your own criteria to retrieve specific records or use a report