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The JIRA – NetSuite Connector ties together your product development, support, and back office operations for an enhanced customer experience. Capture product conversations, tasks, support cases and service issues from multiple applications to improve project management, issue resolution and enhance the overall product experience. The Connector integrates your teams effectively so they can collaborate more quickly and efficiently, which means more satisfied customers.

Issue resolution

Sync Issues between JIRA and NetSuite in real time and always keep them updated

Case management

Sync Support Cases between NetSuite and JIRA in real time and always keep them updated

Ticket Management

Sync JIRA Customers and Support Tickets to NetSuite in real time and always keep them updated

Seamless visibility

View key details of issues including comments and messages in both apps

Project management

Sync Projects and tasks between JIRA and NetSuite to increase collaboration between teams

Issue filtering

Synchronize issues based on type, priority or sync all issues at once

Time tracking

Sync time tracking information from JIRA to NetSuite and maintain all effort logged in one place

Integration dashboard

Monitor data flows, identify job statuses, and resolve errors in real time.

Integration Apps

Prebuilt integrations that just work

In the modern enterprise, companies embrace a
best-of-breed app strategy.We call it the “100 Cloud-App Enterprise.” Some call it an integration nightmare.

Celigo Integration Apps are prebuilt integrations between popular cloud-based apps that can be installed from the integrator.io marketplace and are both highly configurable and customizable.

Integration Apps
Implement your own use cases

Unique business processes?

Extensive customizations to both apps? Not a problem. If you need to go beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of the Connector, use our Integrator platform — a modern iPaaS for integrating cloud-based apps — to build your custom integration use cases. The Integrator works side-by-side with the Connector.

integrator.ioA Powerful Platform for Integrating Anything with Anything

Sometimes, you do get the best of both worlds!

Install, don’t build

The majority of our customers install and configure the Connector for out-of-the-box functionality

Build only when you have to

Some customers use our iPaaS platform to augment the rich functionality of the Connector