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The Free Edition gives you access to most capabilities of the full platform, including:

  • 1 active integration flow
  • Step-by-step wizard with built-in support for popular apps
  • Integrations with multiple imports or exports (orchestration)
  • Ad hoc data imports to NetSuite, Salesforce, or any cloud app
  • Access to free Integration Templates
Integrator.oi Demo Video

See how easy it is to create an integration flow.

Integration Ideas for Your Free Edition

New Customers

Whenever new customers are added to CRM or E-commerce, new customers are automatically created in Accounting

POS Payments

New point-of-sales transactions automatically flow into ERP as new, paid sales orders with POS reference ID

Order Status

Make order status available in Customer Support app based on real-time updates from Order Management and 3PL systems

Weekly Reports

Create a file by joining data from customer and sales database tables, and send the file to a FTP server every week

Here's what our customers are saying

Intuitive and easy for someone who is not a developer to quickly configure—a huge advantage if you want something where the heavy lifting is abstracted away.

IT Director

The Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App has been a great investment or us. It was far simpler to implement than a custom integration.

System Administrator

Amazed at how simple and intuitive the platform is – we didn’t read any product guides, nor did we go through any lengthy training sessions; we were able to just get started.

IT Analyst

Aaron Kleinhandler

Our customers say it best

We are matching 90%+ each deposit and it has saved us about an equal amount of processing time. The actual implementation was very easy and our cash application group was able to pick it up very quickly.

Aaron Kleinhandler, CEO

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