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Get the smartest, easiest to use integration platform and connect your business - fast

Connect your cloud applications and files, synchronize data, and streamline your business like never before. With The smarter, easier-to-use iPaaS integration platform.

Celigo’s platform is built with the business user in mind. Unlike other iPaaS integration platforms, it’s simple to use and wizard-driven. Even without IT developers, you can build data flows between systems and get the benefits of reliable cloud integration. Fast.

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service-oriented architecture (SOA)

It’s very easy to use and understand…The more I use it, the more I see possibilities.

Alexi Cashen, Co-founder & CEO,
T.Elenteny Imports
integration scenarios

Turned out to be practically plug and play.

Hal Casteel, NetSuite Administrator and Financial Systems Analyst,
CornerStone OnDemand
B2B integration

Pulls information right off the ftp server and uploads it automatically.

Jodi Schwarz, NetSuite Administrator, Lovesac

A Smarter Integration Platform for Integrating Anything with Anything

Intuitive dashboarding functionality

Truly innovative data mapping UI

Technology and application adaptors

Integrations that run at scale with lower costs

Support for real-time and scheduled data flows

Wizard driven design interfaces

Intelligent import engine with retry capabilities

Rich customization capabilities

Deploy Rather than Build Cloud Integrations

SmartConnectors Make it Simple is the only iPaaS integration platform where you can access SmartConnectors. SmartConnectors are far superior to the token connectors or integration “paks” promoted by competitors. SmartConnectors are prebuilt,
full-featured, turnkey integrations between NetSuite, Salesforce, and many other popular cloud applications. Just deploy, configure, done. And with, you can easily extend your integrations with dataflows for custom objects and use cases.

real-time integration

Choose the plan that’s right for your business

All paid plans allow you to connect an unlimited number of apps so you can focus on building and running the critical integration flows that drive key business processes.

Rapidly integrate cloud apps
billed annually
  • 8 active integration flows
  • Built-in support for popular apps
  • Custom app support
  • 1 SmartClient license for 1 year
  • "Essential" Customer Success
Manage a growing number of complex integrations
billed annually
  • All Standard features +
  • Up to 20 active integration flows
  • Support for complex flows (orchestrations)
  • 1 SmartClient license
Integrate apps to support a wide range of business processes
billed annually
  • All Premium features +
  • Up to 50 active integration flows
  • 2 SmartClient licenses
  • "Preferred" Customer Success


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