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Implementation Success

Celigo offers a range of implementation services to help
you succeed – and we align our success with yours.

Select the offering that is right for you

Whether you have completed dozens of software integrations or this is your first,
we offer implementation services that are right for you.



For customers who can implement software in their sleep, the Enabled offering recognizes your ability and desire to drive your own destiny while still providing key value-add expertise from people who have done the integration dozens of times before.

What We Do

Provide 5 pre-defined, standard check-ins at key milestones of your implementation.

What You Do

Manage and complete your own implementation.



For customers who want to drive their own destiny but feel more comfortable getting detailed guidance at the start, the Advisory offering provides you with the best of both worlds – up front assistance and independence to finish on your own.

What We Do

Lead you through an initial project stage that equips you to complete the remainder of the implementation on your own – and provide quality checks along the way.

What You Do

Participate in an initial Celigo-lead project stage then complete the remainder of the project on your own, with quality checks by Celigo.



For customers who want the most guidance, the Managed offering provides you with a co-pilot for every step of the way. Celigo co-leads the implementation with you from start to finish.

What We Do

Lead you through the entire project, from planning to post go live support.

What You Do

Co-lead and participate in the project alongside us from start to finish.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers say!

  • Celigo did great! The project team did a good job of managing the project, coordinating between parties, and was always very responsive. That enabled us to hit the timeline target we had.

    Richard Gobea, Accounting Manager,

    Celigo has quickly become an invaluable tool within Miansai. We have completed nearly a dozen integrations with NetSuite and have not encountered one with both the ease of installation and amount of control that Celigo provides.

    Christopher Veck, CIO,
  • Our Shopify Integration was a smooth and easy process. Constant, thorough communication and a wealth of documented resources helped us complete our project faster than we expected, and with more customized features than we originally intended! The Shopify connector on the IO platform is extremely intuitive for basic use, yet can be customized extensively for advanced use.

    Dylan Wilbur, Systems Administrator

    Our integration with the new Celigo Magento 2 Connector was a seamless and headache free process. Our Enabled implementation team was beyond knowledgeable and helped us accomplish our implementation in one week.

    CHRISTOPHER DONNELLY, Director of Digital & Ecomm
    Buscemi LLC

  • We recently purchased the Celigo BigCommerce – NetSuite Connector with the “Enabled” service that required a fast track implementation. Our Consulting Manager was wonderful, keeping us on schedule, making sure we got the most out of our working meetings, and was available anytime we had questions. After each working meeting we would promptly receive the meeting minutes, the meeting slides, and a recording of the meeting. Celigo is a company that I look forward to working with again! Thank you for making our implementation a success.

    René Patterson, Manager of Business Systems
    Museum of the Bible

    Celigo’s implementation team – in particular the technical consultant – was excellent. If I costed my internal rate compared to the Celigo investment, the cost savings of the implementation effort itself starts paying back the investment pretty quickly.

    Ray McKenzie-Young, IT Director