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Reinvent IT for
the Post-Digital Age.

CDC Foundation

Map your course to extraordinary growth.

As you accelerate digital transformation, your IT, Finance, and Business functions must quickly evolve to meet modern customer expectations and remain competitive. Upskill your teams in this info-packed free event.

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Businesses are transforming


companies increased
their digital transformation
investments due to the pandemic


plan to automate
large numbers of
manual processes


are transforming and
reimagining digital
business strategies

What you’ll learn:

Attendees can expect to leave the Summit with four tangible takeaways that will help move their businesses from ordinary to extraordinary:

  • What’s changing in automation
  • Keys to creating a culture of automation
  • Why managing your tech stack just got both harder and easier
  • How to chart your technologies for smarter implementations


John Bruggeman
John Bruggeman
CMO, Celigo

Digital transformation has accelerated exponentially in the last few years to the point that virtually everyone has reached a baseline of digital maturity. To achieve breakaway growth, companies now must move beyond basic automation to a level of smart, data-driven automation.

Celigo's CMO, John Bruggeman, will set the stage for how IT, business and finance leaders can leverage their technology and people to create new opportunities for automation and innovation in the post-digital enterprise.

Marcus East
Marcus East
Chief Digital Officer, T-Mobile US

As the Post-Digital world continues to take shape, it's clear there has been a seismic shift in how businesses serve their customers and how their employees want to engage and work. Business team leaders grabbed the freedom to add technology as needed. Employees now demand access to accurate data anywhere, anytime. Leadership teams understand the agility and innovative spirit born out of the pandemic is now a permanent part of the organizational culture. Meeting these new expectations demands that technology leaders reimagine their roles to deliver the technology to empower this cultural change.

Hear from iconic brands how they reinvented their role by developing a vision for transforming technology, processes, and people to enable their organization to reach new, previously unimaginable, growth and competitive confidence.

Kimberly Marx
Kimberly Marx
Director of Alliances and Marketing, Big Bang
Akym Bonheur
Akym Bonheur
Project Manager, Big Bang

Business process automation and innovation can no longer be contained in IT. Ideas for true innovation often come from the teams closest to the process. Future-thinking technology leaders need to successfully balance igniting an automation-first culture that enables agility and DIY innovation while ensuring IT maintains a strong governance role to maintain business continuity, scale, and data security.

Hear from Kimberly Marx and Akym Bonheaur from Big Bang on how they transformed their organizations by equipping every employee with the tools and skills needed to create high-performing innovation teams across the enterprise.


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