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eBay Connector for NetSuite is listed in the eBay Solutions Directory

Celigo is pleased to inform that our popular solution, the eBay Connector for NetSuite, has passed eBay’s ‘Compatible Application Check’ and is now listed in the eBay Solutions Directory.

Solutions Directory features eBay and third-party software and services designed to improve productivity on eBay.

The eBay Connector for NetSuite integrates eBay and NetSuite to facilitate automated synchronization of products, customers, orders and associated data between the two systems. By eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual updates, sellers ensure accurate inventories and accelerated shipments.

The eBay Connector for NetSuite is powered by the Integrator, a robust REST based integration middleware that unifies critical business processes and data flows between applications.

Retailers leverage the eBay Connector for NetSuite to increase their market reach, expand product range, and improve business efficiency.

Key Features of eBay Connector for NetSuite:

  • Manage product listings inside of NetSuite & export to eBay in realtime
  • Manage product inventory levels in NetSuite & export to eBay
  • Transfers orders and customers from eBay to NetSuite
  • Transfers shipping data from NetSuite to eBay in real-time

Contact [email protected] for easy subscriptions and rapid implementation options.

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