NetSuite Sandbox Deprecation – Feb 28, 2019

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NetSuite Sandbox Deprecation – Feb 28, 2019

NetSuite’s old sandbox domain,, will be deprecated and will not be accessible beginning February 28, 2019. Customers using the old domain will need to switch over to, or Sandbox 2.0, before this time.

What’s Changing?

Sandbox 2.0 accounts were introduced in prior NetSuite releases. The new sandbox accounts are hosted on, the same domain as production accounts. For more information on Sandbox 2.0 accounts, view NetSuite’s help article.


The old sandbox domain,, will be deprecated on February 28, 2019.

Required Actions

Prior to February 28, customers using the old domain will need to refresh their sandbox accounts directly in NetSuite by following these instructions.

For Celigo integrations, follow the instructions below:

  • Custom Integrations: If you have integrations that were directly created with
    • Prior to the sandbox refresh, create a template for integrations that you’d like to have in the new sandbox environment by going to “Templates” and following these instructions
    • After you refresh your NetSuite sandbox account to Sandbox 2.0, then install the integration template ZIP file by following these instructions.
    • Use the Sandbox 2.0 NetSuite connection. Many settings and notifications will need to be re-configured.

  • Integration Apps: If you have a pre-built, fully-managed Integration App:
    • From your home page, uninstall the Integration App tile that is being used by the old sandbox account
    • Re-install the Integration App and use the new Sandbox 2.0 credentials for the NetSuite connections.
    • Settings, data mapping, and other configurations will need to be re-done.

For more details, view the Knowledge Base article. If you have questions or need further assistance, please file a Support Ticket from your Celigo account.

Knowledge Base: Configuring Sandbox 2.0

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