Celigo Values

The guiding principles that shape our culture

The Spark

In 2020, we set out to define our core values that make Celigo special. These are guiding principles and beliefs that help shape our mission and work environment, and that we want to foster and reinforce as we scale.

Our Values

Excellence comes from each of us.

Our customers rely on us with critical data to run their most important processes and to scale. This trust requires a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We’re a global company building a world-class platform to enable thousands of companies to thrive. It’s a massive problem to solve and we each need to step up to the challenge and contribute to building a phenomenal experience.

We win when our customers win.

It’s an honor to serve our customers. They’ve trusted us with their business, chose us over other options, and have made a commitment to us. When they succeed, we succeed. Everything we do requires a passion for the customer and begins with their needs first.

Honesty and integrity matter.

We believe that customers, prospects, partners, and employees deserve the straight story. We strive to make ethical choices and reinforce a culture of integrity through our internal communications, marketing and sales materials, interactions with customers, partners, employees, and beyond. We aim for transparency wherever possible, at every level of the company.

Ask “How can it be better?”

In this critical time for digital transformation, Celigo is in a unique position to make a massive impact in the industry for years to come. Small-mindedness doesn’t cut it. Be curious. Go above and beyond. Ask, “How can it be better?” Imagine the possibilities and work with others to take it to the next level.

A place to be our authentic selves.

We do our best work in a safe space to be our full authentic selves, and feel we belong. As a company, and as individuals, we aim to bring the best in each other. We assume good intent. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and fun environment that brings diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds together.

We own our results.

We control our destiny. As a company, as departments, and as individuals, we own our results. If something is broken, we fix it. We strategize. We coordinate. We adapt. We find a way to get the job done.

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